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My suggestion is to buy an iOttie Easy View Universal Car Mount ( ), stick it to the middle of the little shelf in front of the MFD (multifunction display), and attach a Garmin GPS to its 17mm ball mount.

If you don't want the Garmin's charging cord exposed, there is a sticky thread on how to hide it:

We have OEM navigation systems in our 2012 Prius v Five and 2014 Sienna Limited but our two several year old Garmin 2595 units that we use in rental cars are incredibly better in so many ways: they have far more map detail - particularly in small towns, vastly superior voice control and we get free map and software updates four times each year - I just updated both our Garmins today. And strangely, JBL audio/navigation system in our 2012 Prius is far more sophisticated than the JBL audio/navigation system in our 2014 Sienna but it is still not as good as the Garmin.

The only Toyota navigation systems I like are those with Entune (we the premium version of Entune in our Prius) but I doubt that you could easily retrofit one of those since Entune nav units are tied to the vehicle's VIN - I doubt if you could register a retrofitted Entune nav on the Toyota Entune website.

If you absolutely have to have an in-dash nav unit, I suggest you go with an aftermarket one.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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