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The Toyota Sienna and Highlander are both getting a family friendly new feature: on-board vacuum cleaners.

Taking a page from the Honda Odyssey minivan’s playbook, Toyota is adding an on-board vacuum starting this spring with the Sienna getting the option this month and the Highlander getting it in April. Designed to reach every little nook and cranny of the three-row passenger vehicles, the on-board vacuum was created by Shop Vac and features a replaceable filter and bag, removable canister and can reach the entire length of the vehicles.sienna-onboard-vacuum

The on-board vacuum can even run safely when the engine is on and for an indefinite amount of time. Without the engine running, the vacuum can operate for up to 10 minutes. Three attachments will be included with the on-board vacuum, including a crevice tool to get into tight spaces, a gulper that works for larger spills and a brush.

UPDATE: Rick Bourgoise, a PR official at Toyota, confirmed that there will be NO vacuum available on the Highlander or Sienna unless you live in NC, SC, GA, AL and FL. We saw this post on a blog from a Toyota dealer, but it turns out, there is some confusion because the vacuum is offered via a dealer program with Southeast Toyota, a Toyota distributor. We apologize for any misunderstanding. Here’s Bourgoise’s email response to our questions:

“We have confirmed with the Sienna and Highlander product development teams that an on-board vacuum is NOT available on 2016 Sienna and Highlander. Since it is not a factory installed option, this particular dealer must have worked out a deal with an aftermarket group in his sales area. Our team is looking into it through our dealer network.”

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