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Toyota sienna jack points ((Tags for other people googling this)2004-2010 2nd gen Toyota sienna)

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Are there any other points than this?:
I used the middle front one, and as you can see:
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I have a large difference of clearance between the two tires(I barely got the driver side off the ground). That jack stand is not supporting anything of course, it was a second ago though. Thanks!
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I usually use the scissor jack when I want to get the wheels off. I jack up just behind the pinch weld and then put the jack stands under the actual jacking point. I use ramps when I want to get under the van with the wheels on. If you have ramps, drive up on them, put as many blocks of wood under the jack to get contact, jack it up and then pull the ramps out and put in your jack stands. I just went through this with my wife's BMW. Holy ****, was that a challenge! Rear brakes which should have taken an hour, took 5 hours because it took 2 hours to figure out how to jack up her car and then an extra hour added for filming the process.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts