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Toyota sienna jack points ((Tags for other people googling this)2004-2010 2nd gen Toyota sienna)

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Are there any other points than this?:
I used the middle front one, and as you can see:
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I have a large difference of clearance between the two tires(I barely got the driver side off the ground). That jack stand is not supporting anything of course, it was a second ago though. Thanks!
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I don’t have a 2nd gen, I have a 3rd gen (2014), but my gut feeling is something isn’t right if this is happening. Like maybe a weak spring on the driver rear suspension?

Does your van sit level when it’s resting on all 4 tires on a level surface?

My 3rd gen lifts with both front tires coming off the ground at essentially the same time. In the below picture, both tires are off the ground. Not by a lot, but that shows how level the front is when jacking this way.
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