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Toyota Sienna named to Top 10 Most American Cars

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The Toyota Camry earned the top slot in‘s annual American-Made Index. This is the fourth year in a row that the Camry has placed first. The Ford F-150 is in second, with the Honda Accord, Toyota Sienna and Honda Pilot following. Moving outside the top five, the Toyota Tundra took seventh.
The ratings include vehicles that are assembled in the US and have at least 75% of their parts sourced from the US and Canada. They also take sales into account on the basis that more sales equate to more jobs for Americans and more profits for dealers in America. These sales figures create tight competition, shown by the gap between the Camry and the F-150, which is the tightest in the index’s history.
Patrick Olsen, Editor in Chief at, said “according to a survey we conducted in May, nearly 25 percent do prefer to buy American and nearly half of those people would be swayed to buy a foreign make if they knew it was assembled in the U.S. We do our index every year to make sure shoppers who do factor this into their purchase decision have the right information.”

For the rest of the story head over to Autoguide
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Congrats to Toyota and all the Princeton associates. #4!!!!

Way to go. I love our 2012 Sienna and proud it is built by my fellow Hoosiers!
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