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TPMS blinking, Check Engine always on (Code 500), ABS and brake on until 20 mph

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Hello all,I recently bought a 05 sienna LE and had no problems until I replaced the tires (Continental True Contact) and the engine light is always on and the TPMS is blinking. The engine code is 0500 which is vehicle speed sensor. I reset the TPMS with no avail. The brake and and ABS sensor are on until 20 mph and the speedometer also does not read after start up until 20 mph, then it works fine after that. I jumped pin 4 and 13 on the OBS II reader and the ABS blinked constantly but the TPMS light blinked code 13 ( pause long pause). I searched around and no one else had a blinking TPMS light. My ABS system is working (sliding in puddles to see if it worked) and the tires are all at 40-41 PSI. I really am at a loss:confused::mad::confused:. Any suggestions from anyone. Everything else about the car is great. We did a 4500 mile trip across the US and got an average of 28 mpg;D. (With the TPMS blinking the whole time) I really don't want to go to a dealer because they will likely also not have a clue and I am a graduate student with 5 kids, so I am not exactly rich if you know what I mean. Your help is much appreciated.Thanks.
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search on "RESET AND RECALIBRATE ECM AND BCM AND YAW RATE SENSORS." and also replace the YAW rate sensor....prone to fail.


The van does not have VCS or TRAC. Does it still have a yaw rate sensor? IF so, where do I find it? I have also done a hard ECU reset by disconnecting the battery, to no avail. Is it normal for the TPMS light to blink when checking codes?

Thanks for you response.

Also, I looked a little and could not find information on resetting the Body Control Module. What is the procedure for that?

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