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Traction control problems

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Driving under normal conditions, typically around a curve our traction control will engage. Car immediately slows, dashboard warning beeps/lights for a few seconds and then back to normal. My mechanic and Toyota dealer could not replicate it during test drives to get error code. Any advice on how to diagnose and what it could be?
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Unfortunately the problem has not been fixed. So far I have replaced the yaw sensor, steering angle sensor, 1 wheel bearing, and had 0 point calibration. Is there anything else I should try? If I was able to get a Toyota mechanic to drive with me until it occurs-would they have a reader that can pick up the error code? I am into it for nearly $2k in repairs thus far
Thx for the feedback. It also happens when the traction control is off. It just doesn't happen at the one curve. I need to be going at least 35mph for it to happen...and the curve needs to elongated and not so much pronounced. Since my last post my mechanic replaced the front wheel sensor but it didn't fix it. Tires appear to be ok. He is going to look at turning off this function completely. Do you know if it's possible to do that?
Thx for everyone's suggestions. After a long process it appears this issue has been fixed via replacing all 4 tires. I found a Toyota dealer who was very familiar with the issue and recommended it. Unfortunately this was after I replaced the sensor assembly, speed sensors, steering sensor angle, and a few other smaller items at another Toyota dealer and an independent mechanic.
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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