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Transmission slippage help

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Hi I'm new to the forum but want to pass on a tip for those who may be having issues with their transmission slipping. This is a transmission tip I used and it may or may not work for you if you are having transmission slippage issues. Almost 2 years ago now a lady friend of mind was having trouble with her transmission slipping. It was on a 2005 Honda Odyssey Van. I drove the car two miles and when we returned the car we had to literally coast into her driveway, it was that bad. She had been told the transmission was beyond repair and she needed to replace it. I am retired but she knew I had owned a shop and reached out to me for help. I had had some good results using Lucas Transmission Fix so I suggested we try it before she spent $5600 on a transmission replacement. I changed the fluid using a bottle of the Lucas and Valvoline Max Life Transmission fluid (Approved for use by Valvoline in my Sienna BTW). I drove the car and it shifted fine. No issues. 3 months later I did the same service but also changed the transmission filter. That was almost 2 years ago and her van is still shifting great with no slippage. I am doing a timing belt change and complete service on my 02 Sienna and will do the same service to the transmission. So if you are having a transmission slippage issue you may wish to give this a try before dumping a lot of money into a new or rebuilt transmission. No harm no foul for less than $50 and it may save you a ton of $$$$. My friend case was extreme and I am actually still amazed at the results.
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Too bad so many Honda owners haven't at least TRIED this fix before replacing their trannies. Ours are weak, but theirs are insane!
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