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Trying to locate DRL Relay on Gen 3 (2011) Sienna

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I've been having strange issues with the DRL system where the high beams seem to randomly vary between "high power" and "DRL Power" on my vehicle and don't think its coming from the headlight control stalk. I'd like to continue the troubleshooting on my own, but can't locate the DRL Relay. I have a US model with DRL from the factory and Halogen Lighting. That would lead me to believe I need to find the rectangular "DRL Relay" shown in the schematic and not the "DIM Relay". I haven't been able to find a connector or component location diagram that lists this part. Any help would be appreciated.


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I put a red arrow pointing at it on the attached diagram.
Of Course! Every other Car I've had has the DRL control module located behind the dash somewhere. Didn't even think to look in the engine fuse/relay box. Thanks a bunch.
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