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I have a 2011 Sienna with the base factory infotainment with 4 speakers. Can this no frills system even be called "infotainment" in this lowly state? I digress. I'm not an audiophile looking to vastly improve the stereo, but the volume control knob recently began to malfunction where turning it up or down will sometimes give the opposite reaction. These things are over engineered. God forbid they used a simple potentiometer...
Anyways, I don't see paying Toyota prices to get a factory replacement head unit, so I will have to wade into the vast realm of the mobile stereo aftermarket.
On to my actual issue. My questions are:
1. When I purchase the add-on wiring harness to retain steering wheel controls, does it retain full functionality including calling features and voice commands, as long as the aftermarket head unit has them too?
2. Does the add-on wiring harness also retain use of the factory hands-free mic for hands-free calling?
3. Is the factory reverse camera independent from the head unit and untouched by its replacement?
4. Will the factory low-mount USB plug retain at least its charging function, if not fully integrate its data function to the new head unit?
Anyone with experience from replacing their head unit or general mobile audio nuts, please help. Thank you.
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