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TSB: EG001-03 (LEXUS) / Stinky Sulfur ("Rotten-Egg") Odor from Exhaust 24Feb2003

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Posting some TSBs (Technical Service Bulletins) I happen to have collected during my years of Sienna ownership...

This one is actually from Lexus, but it may be helpful and provide some guidance for those of you that have an issue with "stinky" rotten-egg odors coming from the OUTSIDE of your car. In the past, it seemed to be more prevalent among new vehicles or during certain times/seasons of the year.

TSBs are not necessarily official "recalls". They are a "courtesy" Toyota factory-authorized warranty repair for certain designated vehicles that may or may not be affected by the noted issues and problems. Remember, an authorized Toyota service facility has to verify your particular vehicle is both ELIGIBLE AND AFFECTED (you might be one, but not the other) before any prescribed repair is attempted and covered under the warranty provisions. Some of the revised warranty terms for certain TSBs may extend or modify the warranty period and provisions for the original factory warranty. Read the details.

These may or may not apply to your Sienna. Please read the details and also verify with Toyota or an authorized Toyota dealer if there have been any updates/revisions for this problem. Many of these are "old" and probably have been corrected on newer model years. If you have an older Sienna (2004+), or you are not its original owner, the TSB may have already been performed. You can ask a Toyota service department to check your VIN record to see if the TSB is applicable, and if it was previously performed on your vehicle.

I personally do not have any additional info. Some affected me, some did not, and others were just interesting...

Please share any details of your relevant experience for the future benefit of others.

Good Luck!!


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