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Two liter of soda spilled in the trunk well

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Just went back from Walmart, opened the truck, and found a bottle (2L) of Fanta tipped over and spilled all over the trunk well. It's completely soaked. I did a little research, and I don't think the battery is underneath the trunk well, but I also couldn't find what exactly is underneath it that could be potentially water damaged. Should I be worried? What should I do?

I really appreciate any advice you can provide!
(I have a 2022 Sienna XLE)
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I want you to avoid the mistake I made with 1-2 gallons of water. Go ahead and pull the trim plastic now and lift up the carpet and underpad. If you don't, it WILL mold and stink. I just dried mine out, but I made the mistake of thinking the hot summer sun and blowing a fan on it every night would be enough. Fast forward a week or two and the smell is unbearable and the carpet is still noticeably moist in the afternoons (felt dry in the morning!). The pad holds in a lot of moisture and without pulling it all up and letting it dry from both sides, it will just continue to get worse.
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