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We are in the middle of our summer trip visiting friends/family in Edmonton, Canada. Y'day afternoon, in downtown Edmonton, I saw flashing blue/red in my rearview mirror and immediately pulled over. While sitting and wondering whar we could have done wrong, waiting for the officer to arrive, we realized that the officer was in a freaking 3rd Gen Sienna, AWD. The officer then realized it was the wrong vehicle, apologized and left. It was rainy with poor visibility so understand how it could have happened. I have never heard or seen Sienna in use as an undercover traffic enforcement vehicle and we were all amused to see one :)

BTW very impressed with the drivers here in Edmonton. Almost everyone sticks to the posted speed limits and no issues merging or switching lanes. Been driving here for 4 days and haven't seen any crazy/rash drivers. Coming from Florida, it was very refreshing to see and in a very long time, I was using cruise control at speeds < 60KM to ensure I was on/under the posted limits. My kids joked that we need to mandate sending Florida drivers here for a few months as part of issuing/renewing the DL so they actually learn how to drive and abide by the rules.

Also discovered that the province of Alberta does take driving violations seriously and enforcement is strict. You can be cited for even 1KM over the posted limit whereas back home speeding upto 5MPH and in some cases even 10MPH seems to be the norm.

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