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uncomfortable drivers seat

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i have a 2010 le and generally love the car but am very unhappy with the drivers seat.

this is the most uncomfortable car seat i have ever sat in.

i have tried every position i can and i constantly get a pain where my right leg meets my butt cheek.

has anyone else had this experience and if so did anything work to fix your problem?
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My dad has a 2008 Prius and had it outfitted with ventilated seats from an aftermarket company. You can't even tell it's not OEM. I bet you can find a place to custom build you seats....... My aunt got a 2010 Highlander and I seem to remember her telling me something about the seats and an option for more room in the thigh area for tall people. She's 6'1". Course I could be remembering wrong.....
I will ask the dad. Did talk to my aunt with the highlander and she did get seats OEM that have extended thigh support (guess it is adjustable), and thicker armrests. Why couldn't you just plop one of those highlander seats in your Sienna??? She has a 2004 XLE limited Sienna, and says she was always uncomfortable in the van; but LOVES her new highlander seats....
So my dad had lumbar support and heat added to his OEM seats on his Prius. It was done by Coach Remodelers off of Batavia in Orange, California. You'll have to call them to see if they can help you out if you live close enough.....
1 - 3 of 43 Posts
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