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uncomfortable drivers seat

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i have a 2010 le and generally love the car but am very unhappy with the drivers seat.

this is the most uncomfortable car seat i have ever sat in.

i have tried every position i can and i constantly get a pain where my right leg meets my butt cheek.

has anyone else had this experience and if so did anything work to fix your problem?
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just bought a 2010 LE, I'm 6'2" and the seats are too short in the thigh.

BUT ... We drove an 07 Ody with leather and those seats were even worse. Hard and uncomfortable was my first impression. My wife is also very tall, 6'1" and she could not get comfortable in the Ody either. It was the deciding factor in buying the Sienna.

Like M5, I have great seats in the 97 BMW. Might be tough to retrofit them into the Sienna. ;)
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