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uncomfortable drivers seat

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i have a 2010 le and generally love the car but am very unhappy with the drivers seat.

this is the most uncomfortable car seat i have ever sat in.

i have tried every position i can and i constantly get a pain where my right leg meets my butt cheek.

has anyone else had this experience and if so did anything work to fix your problem?
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I am 6'5" and I also don't like the seat. I actually hate it. Mainly because there is not enough leg room and the seat cushion is way too short.
It's my wife's car and I only drive it when necessary.
In my car I replaced the driver seat with an aftermarket orthopedic seat which has length adjustable seat cushion and extra long backrest. I actually got it shipped from Europe. I had this in two cars now but this company does not offer an adapter for the Sienna.
Also Recaro has some great aftermarket seats but they also do not offer an adapter for the Sienna. Only for cars mainly sold in Europe. I would even sacrifice the side airbags for an aftermarket orthopedic seat that offers enough leg room and better leg support.
But Recaro also offers aftermarket seats with side airbags.... Just not for the Sienna....
Since my back problems have become worse a great seat with enough leg room is number 1 buying criteria for me meanwhile.
Friend of mine has a Dodge Caravan and the seats are better (firmer) with better support than the Sienna seats. In addition more leg room. If our Sienna needs to be replaced one time it will NOT be another Sienna of this generation. Yes for a good seat I would even buy a Chrysler......
Or even turn away from minivans and go for a Volvo V70 or Mercedes E-class wagon....

By the way, the car with most leg room and most head room I have even driven was the VW New Beetle. But you can't really use it as family car. ;D
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Aviatrix said:
I will ask the dad. Did talk to my aunt with the highlander and she did get seats OEM that have extended thigh support (guess it is adjustable), and thicker armrests. Why couldn't you just plop one of those highlander seats in your Sienna??? She has a 2004 XLE limited Sienna, and says she was always uncomfortable in the van; but LOVES her new highlander seats....
It would be great if you can post the seat brand. I did the same with my Isuzu Trooper back on 2001. But since I could not find any suitable solution I imported one from Germany. But the company only makes seat adapters for cars sold in Europe and the Sienna is not included.
There are several companies in Germany which make aftermarket seats. Recaro, Koenig, Scheelmann, .... Even with side airbags that replace the factory seats with side airbags.
But not for Japanese vehicles. Mainly only Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Opel, Volkswagen, .....

Seat size, leg room and height of the headrest is meanwhile a killer criteria when buying a car. My wife wife drives the van most of the time and I will only do it when necessary. This is why I am thinking of getting a second towing vehicle. One that is comfortable for me.

But if there is an aftermarket company which would offer an aftermarket seat that fits the Sienna I would be all over it. Even if I have to sacrifice the side airbags.....
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