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If you ever take a behind the wheel driving test........I've heard a story (maybe an "urban legend"??) of where a very short driver needed to sit on a cushion and the TEST EXAMINER made a note of that as a specific condition for that particular driver being allowed to drive ANY vehicle....sort of like the notated requirement for [corrective lenses] for those that need to wear prescription eyeglasses.

Good Luck!! 8)

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Funny, I'm 5'7" and my wife who drives the Sienna 98% of the time is about 5'6" and we both find that the drivers seat is quite adequate but the darn passenger seat seems to be angled too high at the back of the bottom cushion making you feel like you're going to slide out of it. The passenger seat for some reason is a manual adjust on our XLE.

Is there some way to modify the buttom cushion angle so it is lower towards the back of the seat?

I wish it had seats like in my car which are 16 way adjustable including adjustable thigh bolsters which some of you taller folks could use in the Sienna.
I had the same problem in our montana van... along with many others! I took a look at the front seat bolts and concluded that I could put 1/2" or so of washers under the front mounts to angle the seat cushion back. I worked wonders for me. I haven't looked at our sienna yet. It belongs to the wife and I haven't heard any complaints ;)
Just read this now. What a great idea! I will try this on my wife's Sienna for sure.
This kind of modification won't work on the Sienna, the seat mounting bolts don't mount in a downward position. A thick steel bracket would have to be fabricated to raise the front of the seat.
Thanks for letting me know . It will save me some time with messing with the seats.
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