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I know there has been so much talk about this but I have not found a solution to my problem. Here is a little info about my issue:
2008 Toyota Sienna I purchased used with 92000 miles on it.
At 1st the skid light would come on when just driving straight down the highway, after this would happen 3 time the VSC Trac OFF light would come on then no problem.
Toyota Dealer look at it and replaced the sensor on the steering wheel because it would not calibrate. They also hooked up a computer took it for a drive then sent the data to California for Toyota to look at since they still had issues. It reported the G sensor triggered but Toyota said it was working within the perimeter.
I could not accept this because it is still doing it and sometimes without any thing happenning the VSC Trac OFF light come on for no reason.
I have checked for error codes and nothing is reported. It resets it self everytime after the van is shut off and turned back on so when it error I check for codes before shutting it off and still no error codes. Bought a bluetooth OBDII reader trying to see if I could find something on the fly still nothing. Is there some other way I can see the VSC sensors.

Toyota is trying to get an expert in to go for a ride with me and see if he can figure it out. Still waiting to hear when that is going to happen.

NO OTHER LIGHTS COME ON WHEN THIS HAPPENS. I can sometime feel the vehical try and correct itself but that is rare.

Thanks for reading.
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