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waiting time in Canada (please share)

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I placed an order for 2021 AWD Limited in early July in BC and I am still waiting for the call from the dealer.

Could you please share the waiting time in Canada?

Thanks in advance!
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Do we get deposit back in case if we decide to buy something else?
Good idea to leave as low deposit as possible if there's a remote chance you might bail out. Seems there's a high element of luck (or lottery) in the delivery timeframe, ranging from 6 months to 1 year, even the dealerships have no clue. Personally, I wouldn't put more than $500, I can live with walking away from that should I find something else in-stock.
I got it at MSRP no discount. But it’s fine.
Any buy at MSRP right now is a good deal. I just saw a used 2021 XLE FWD (8 SEATS) at 7,700KM at Autotrader, asking price of $62,990 pus Ontario provincial taxes. Brand new, it went for $42,990. That's a huge markup for a used vehicle!
Here's another guy with white XSE AWD but no tech. I bet white will be the sexiest color to show off the new taillight, especially the lower part.

Ordered in the last week of Sep but not any news yet. I know it will be a long wait so just too lazy to ask the salesperson. I know him pretty well, I know if there would be anyone cancel the order he will try to put me in but seems nobody changed their mind yet.

Also, I saw his post last week saying they're buying back any 2021 Sienna AWD version no matter trims back with about 5k higher than MSRP. This means if you got your 21 Sienna around Mar and you will drive it for free for half a year and earn 5k for your fuel and insurance. LOL, a magic year.
I wonder who is buying these used cars with such ridiculous markups? It's pretty silly because 2-3 years from now, this charade will be over, and these cars will see very steep decline in resale values. I am due to replace my old Sienna but no way I am getting goosed in doing so. I'll rather wait this out and repair my car if it breaks down (likely cheaper to spend a few hundreds to fix it than pay $5-20K in markups for used/new Siennas), luckily for me, it's still very reliable.
For well over $50k I'm getting cheap plastic covers instead of the rims? Really, Toyota?
If you really think about it, folks buying the Limited trim paying north of $68,000 are getting cheapo plastic wheel covers instead of the real thing
Actually not the case in the lower Mainland. There was one at Destination Toyota but it was sold. The vans are almost impossible to find sitting at a dealer that isn't a customer's.
You should be able to find dealers with the base LE trim that isn't in high demand for demo (test driving). I just test drove an LE AWD last week, here in Ottawa (Ontario)
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TWO YEARS? That's wild...
More like fear mongering, imo....there's no way that info is from Toyota HQ. The microchip shortage is improving (various projections see a return to normalcy around Q3 or Q4 of 2022), and Toyota expects to get to full steam now in January 2022, moved back a bit from this month due to shut down of 2 factories in Japan. My point is, it's not the doom and gloom scenario some of these dealership would have us believe. More like guilt tripping tactics to get the customer into panic buying mode or sway the customer to a lower less desired trim.
I ordered from Destination Toyota in Burnaby (near Vancouver.) Put down a deposit July 29th, I just got a call a couple of days ago that there is a van coming in for me in April. I wanted the LE in AWD, white. I could have had silver a couple of months earlier but I held out for white. Of course now I'm thinking of painting or wrapping it anyway LOL. The salesman told me that if I walked in today, the estimated wait is up to 2 years. I don't know if he's blowing smoke but wow.
I say he is blowing smoke. Classic textbook salesperson pressure tactic.
Wait time for Sienna is at least 1 year since order is placed today in Feb-ish 2022. This is crazy.
May not be a bad thing if it turns out to be 2023 model with TSS 2.5+, a much improved safety system
was talking to my buddy just now, who works as a tech at the dealership I put my order in for my XSE AWD no tech in June 2021 (still waiting....). He told me that he had a chat with their Sales Manager today, and if someone were to walk into their dealership today and ordered a Sienna, it's about 3 years out. This is based on their current 246 people on the wait list, and assuming everyone went through with the purchase of what they are set to get allocated, it'll work out to be about 3 years. Keep in mind this is hugely YMMV because this pertains to their specific dealership in the lower mainland. Still very disheartening to hear.
I am not sure folks will realistically wait 3 years for a vehicle. It's not worth a wait. for me, I will find something else, maybe another car brand.
Since the beg of June 2021. I did order AWD, and my buddy who works at the dealership did confirm to me that AWD Sienna's are few and far between. He doesn't see the sales side of things, but the service department does see the new vehicles because they have to PDI them. It's apparently easier to get your hands on a FWD Sienna, but even those are high demand. They had a white LE FWD come in the other day and he said people were like vultures around that van.
Damn..there are terrifying times indeed. Who would have thought LE FWD (and white colour to boot) would be hot cakes. It's bare bones!
I predict that by October 2022, sales inventory will reach pre 2020 numbers, and the 12 months ETA timeliness given now would have caught up. Things are looking up, the chip shortage is ending in the next 7-8 months.
I've also been comparing wait times between Canada and the US, and definitely we're in a much worse spot. There are differences in buyer tastes between the two markets even though we're close neighbors. I remember before the SUV craze, for the longest time the best selling car in Canada was the Civic (or Corolla), and the US was the Accord (or Camry), so we tend to buying smaller (maybe because our cars have always been more expensive). I guess the Sienna has been an even bigger hit here than the US.
Crazy thing is, because we're only 1/10th the market, diverting enough units to drastically lower our wait times wouldn't even impact the US all that much.
I agree. The Sienna sells more here than the 3 other minivans combined, whereas in the US the Chrysler Pacifica is the leader in sales volume. You would think Toyota will move more of the Siennas here.
I put in an order for a XSE AWD. It the first new car i've ever bought. Hopefully it shows up this year 😅 Seeing "used" XSE FWD selling for $70k is just madness.
Is someone really going to pony up $70k plus taxes for a used XSE AWD? Really??
Times appear to be looking good. My local Toyota dealer in Orleans, has 4 Sienna in-stock, in their packing lot. The only Limited trim, white, is sold. 3 months ago they had nothing that wasn't already sold.
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Do you mean they have 3 in stock available to buy?
Advertised in their website as in stock. I suppose you'll need to call to confirm. I actually saw these in their lot.

The sister company Bel Air Toyota in Vanier, Ottawa is advertising 6 Sienna at MSRPs. Check out their website and call them. It virtual stock so perhaps that means something else.
I too wonder how many people are prepared to wait 12-18 months for their Sienna (count me out). Clearly, the supply constraints is still severe, and getting worse by the day. Good thing the deposit is only $500 which can be forgone, in case plan B pans out much quicker.
Had a fun run around with Toyota over the last year. Long story short they bought back my 21 tundra and got me into a 22 tundra, and at the same time ordered me (my wife) a 22 sienna XSE AWD w/ tech package in ruby red.

they had an allocation unclaimed, so we snagged it in January. We were told it would arrive middle of April, then April 20-24. Still nothing.
Drove by the dealer today, and low and behold, our exact van on the lot. Excited, I reached out to my salesman only to have him tell me, it’s not mine. Apparently they had identical allocations at near identical delivery dates. Not sure if I buy it.

alas, I am told that my Sienna is “stuck at the compound along with hundreds of others”

has anyone else been told this? In the system my dates still are listed as April 20-24 so dealer has no clue when mine might show up.
I'd say the dealer is full of horseshit. But then again, it doesn't matter. They can do and say whatever they want nowadays.
What dealership is it?
I am interested too, I live in Ottawa if the dealership is here, I'd want to avoid going there.
100% agree. Seems to me that it would be really easy to put everyone in an area in a virtual line for their cars so they'd know from the beginning and all along where they are in the line. The system they're using makes no sense and just pisses people off.
This is what Hyundai Canada is doing with their new 2023 Hyundai Palisade. You go to their website, enter your name, preferred dealer and pay the deposit, you get a ticket with a number showing where you are on the list for reservation.
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It's been almost a year and you're still waiting for your Sienna. Honestly, I'm starting to consider the Hyundai Palisade 2023 now. It has similar interior space, smaller cargo space and no Hybrid - however it has AWD and takes about 4 - 5 months.
I am in the same boat. I too was set on the Sienna because it's the natual choice to my 2nd Gen. But I am now looking closely at the 2023 Palisade, especially the new massage seats for the driver and rear-view camera mirror same as that of the Limited trim of the Sienna, very tempting and it just got a host of updated and, in my view, superior advanced safety features while Sienna is still stuck with TSS 2.0 for the 2023 model year. The Toyota has the stellar mileage going for it which is hard to beat but I am not sure I am willing to wait for 1-2 years for an order to come through.
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