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waiting time in Canada (please share)

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I placed an order for 2021 AWD Limited in early July in BC and I am still waiting for the call from the dealer.

Could you please share the waiting time in Canada?

Thanks in advance!
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Wait time for Sienna is at least 1 year if order is placed today in Feb-ish 2022. This is crazy.
Down side is the price for both MSRP and freight will be more for 2023.
I ordered a Sienna XLE AWD on August 20, 2021, was called by the dealer on January 14 this year, and was told that the remaining 2021 production had been moved to 2022, and that in 2022 Toyota no longer plans to distribution of the XLE AWD, at this point I had to sign a new contract for an XSE AWD, promising that it would arrive in 3 months.
I called the dealer yesterday 11 February 2022, just out of curiosity, I did not expect them to give me news, but with great amazement they confirmed that the car will arrive at 100% between 17 and 27 April 2022.
Hope it's not a false promise!
I ordered XSE AWD Tech on 29-Jan-22 and the salesperson said it will be over a year and will be 2023.

ordered my 2022 Sienna XSE tech non-Awd Dec 2021..expected delivery 4-6 months and received this today. Anyone else??

Hopefully they drop the price
I will be pissed if they don't include digital mirror with my tech package order.
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I live in GTA and placed my order in Feb for 2022 Sienna limited and got an email from my dealer that Toyota has accepted my order and car will arrive by the end of May, guess I'm lucky and perhaps Toyota has sped up the production?
That's amazing! I placed order (XSE AWD tech white) in BC in Nov 2021 and have not heard a word. My sales person said mine will most likely be 2023 model as wait time is at least a year.
Started noticing last week that all trims in CA website for Sienna has "Limited Availability", which makes me feel that the wait will be even longer than expected.
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Hi everyone. Got the call yesterday. My silver XLE fwd has arrived. Picking it up on Friday. I ordered it late December. I was very surprised after reading all the post on this forum. My salesman says I ordered just in time because now they are also on the 12 month waiting time. This is at Kanata Toyota in the Ottawa area.
Congrats! I placed my order in Nov 2021 for XSE AWD white and I think this model is gonna be hell long wait. I hope I can get a phone call to pick up before summer 2023. LOL!
Picked up our van over the weekend! As I mentioned previously, over 10 month wait in Vancouver area. Huge upgrade from our 2008 Sienna. I'll write a separate post about differences and first impressions soon.
Congrats! I assume you didn't trade in to pick up this XSE. Glad to hear someone from Vancouver to pick up new Sienna. I am still waiting for my XSE AWD Tech White since last Nov.
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I did trade in my old Sienna, but not sure that had any influence in me getting the van.. when they gave me my trade-in quote, they said I could sell it privately if I wanted, or they'll give me $X for it.. Given the amount of work I knew it needed, and the tax breaks from the trade-in value, I just took their trade-in offer.

I think they just clean it up, put a bit of $ into it (oil change?) and send it to a wholesale auction.. It was too old to sit on a new dealer lot.
My friends have picked up Sienna in the past year all have traded in their vehicles, which makes me thinking that trading in will definitely help to speed up the wait time.
It's going to be 1 yr wait for me next month (Nov) in BC and I expect another year wait if the supply chain is better; otherwise, I am not surprised if it's gonna be 3 yrs wait. I personally think dealers will let customers who can trade in to buy the new car first. I don't think dealer let me pay for MSRP as they can easily mark up price by selling it as used or for people who would like to trade in.
I think you nailed it in your post... The only reason you're waiting so long is the dealership is playing games. There is absolutely no reason you need to wait another year for your Sienna if they were playing straight with you.
That marked up used game won't last long. Any dealership who has been playing that game needs to be called out. Scarborough Toyota, yes, I'm talking about you.
I personally believe most of the dealers in GVA are playing games. There are many members here have been waiting like 1.5ish yrs already and still no news. The marked up game will last until the supply chain is back to normal, which might be another few years. The waiting list is not transparent. Heard from one salesman that he had to fight for cars but no luck and ended up leaving the job. It's all up to the manager for the max profit they can make at current situation. Also, many advertisements have specified trade-in only for many hybrid Toyota like Rav4, Highlander as well. I really doubt the dealer will let me pick up a new Sienna without trade-in even my order has been filled and delivered.
I wonder if these dealers are limiting the trade-ins to cars less than certain age, say 5 years or newer? I am not sure there is any appetite for very old cars (10 years and older) Could the age of the trade-in be important in determining whether or not one could get bumped up the priority (favouritism) list? My car is 18 years (going 19) so I guess nobody is interested in what I have to offer.
Yes, I've heard Toyota wants Toyota brand the best and not older than 5 yrs old and not having high mileage for trade-in. My friend's Nissan got rejected and was asked to sell himself due to the age and high mileage.
I think I'm at 19 months of waiting now. I ordered a XSE AWD April 2021. The dealer told me in August that I likely will not receive one in 2022. I've been trying to reach out to them for about 2 months, but they're now ghosting me.
Keep us updated pls. Which province did you order from? I am at 12 month tomorrow in Nov for Sienna XSE AWD Tech.
I don't know how much longer will I wait cus if I can live without this car for 2 yrs, I probably don't need it, isn't it?
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There's the variables.

Depending on trade or no trade you will be in different "queue".
Depending on what you want to pay you will in different "queue".

Say someone gets offered a Sienna but changes mind for whatever reason... dealership not necessarily going to next purchaser in "queue".

I tend to think that really some/most dealerships have list of potential buyers and really no particular order except what transaction most benefits them.

Unfortunately the result of a decentralized allocation.
I totally agree with you for "What transaction most benefits them". This is why I don't think I can get my order filled at all regardless it's 2, 3, 4 yrs unless dealer has plenty of stocks in the lot, which won't happen anytime soon. People who are willing to trade in and willing to pay more get the cars faster.
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After 15 months of waiting for Sienna XSE AWD Tech, our family decision on BC Family Day was to cancel our waiting as the dealer (New West Toyota) will only give Sienna to trade-in regardless who is the next person in the queue. I get that the number of new Sienna is low. I know they want to max their profit so they recommended me to buy pre-owned Hybrid Sienna which you know the price is 10~20K more than new or buy gas Rav4 or Corolla while waiting. Anyway, I know 15 months isn't long compare with others I've heard like 3+ yrs for Limited Awd and still waiting. I think most of us know the dealer these days will not sell MSRP of new Sienna. They have their way of marking up price or require trade-in. If you can get one with MSRP, you should be very grateful. I hope the production line will be back to normal so people can get their cars sooner or hopefully, my cancellation helps whoever is in the queue to get your car faster. Good luck to all who are still waiting for new Sienna!
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Sorry to hear you go, it's a very frustrating time to buy a car. Do you have some other car in mind, or you'll just sit it out for a bit?
Nothing close to what I want like Sienna yet. On the other hand, I wish one day all car makes will allow online order like Tesla without asking trade-in.
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I know it's different cars to compare with Sienna and Model Y. Model Y long range now is qualified for $5000 fed rebate in Canada. I got pissed off by Toyota dealer and started thinking to go with Model Y. What do you guys think? The wait time for Y is between Apr-June. Sienna is unknown.
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