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waiting time in Canada (please share)

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I placed an order for 2021 AWD Limited in early July in BC and I am still waiting for the call from the dealer.

Could you please share the waiting time in Canada?

Thanks in advance!
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An update from a 2022 XSE AWD(no tech) Sienna owner after 3 months of driving.

While I did the test drive, it was a Limited, I was denying the futures of Limited(or XSE tech pkg) such as radars, JBL, RSE, etc. -- That was a mistake. I would like to have them along with the AC plugin and the memorized seats and ventilated seats after driving for a few months. Plus we ordered a white but got a red instead, my wife is still grumbling about it.

So, I am back here in the line waiting for a white Limited version. My salesman said there was one owner who ordered last Nov but quit, so I took his/her order and the more reliable date would be next May or June.

Don't know the market then for used Sienna but from what I've been told this week, they are willing to pay 10k over the MSRP for my car, although I believe this is below the number I could get if I sell by myself. Lucky the deposit is only $500 and is refundable so if things change too much I can just keep my big red.
happy waiting.
SA from another forum:
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I wonder if anyone has tried to contact Toyota on their corporate website. There’s no way to give feedback on dealerships during the wait.
I wouldn’t be as annoyed if the salesperson would contact me and give me a periodic update, especially since the ETA he provided (6 months) has doubled and I still have no clue whether I will ever get my order.
If this was any other sector, it would be behaviour that deserves tangible consequences.
it's such waste of time contacting toyota via their website. it normally takes 2-3 days to reply to your email. first email part one is bs greeting, part two will ask you to provide additional information. on second replied email, part one is bs greeting again, part two will ask you to contact your local dealer for more information.
Called the salesman today asking if my Limited has been moved to 2023MY and got the answer as "Definitely". He said they only got five Sienna in total this year, which means after I got mine XSE in Apr there was only one Sienna that arrived. Pretty surprised, seems I could get nowhere to see my Limited before next year for sure(ordered in Nov 2021).

I saw an increased number of new Hyundai and Kia models on the road every day, and way less new Toyota cars, wondering how Toyota can hold its market volume in the next few years.
believe it or not, Toyota = Nokia 2.0
Toyota is light years behind others in EV era.
Actually, the EX-l trim on the Odyssey is as good as the xse + tech on the Sienna. And with a significant price reduction. It has every single safety feature the Sienna has. Shame that the parking sensor on Sienna is available only on xse tech or above.
you will surprise how easy the auto braking system triggered.
do all sienna get included all weather mat? maybe i didnt look carefully but i wasnt aware of that

what about trunk liners?
canadian version come with 2 sets of mats. trunk liner is extra $.
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i used to believe the number of siennas being exported should drop after chinese version being manufactured locally.

so sad...

can someone able to identify/spy which dealer doing the job?
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actually I picked up my 22 limited in end of October came in the color we ordered. Ordered back in Aug 2021. Sadly no digital rear view mirror.
you saved $600+tax already
I totally agree with you for "What transaction most benefits them". This is why I don't think I can get my order filled at all regardless it's 2, 3, 4 yrs unless dealer has plenty of stocks in the lot, which won't happen anytime soon. People who are willing to trade in and willing to pay more get the cars faster.
my personal experience here

I keep my deposit at dealers just for fun and for my friends who want the car
1st deposit back in Dec 2020, no admin fee. Still no ETA, keep telling me they haven't got any AWD models.
2nd deposit back in Mar 2021, $499 admin fee. Offered me FWD XLE, I backed out since no one considering FWD.

in GVA
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Any updates on 2023 models? I was hoping to get an update ...wishfull thinking perhapso_O...
$600 price increase, 25AE trim
production number cut 30%
2-3 years wait time
I've commented many times in many places, Toyota will be Nokia 2.0. However, no one is gonna believe it.
Toyota is not eliminated by others but terminated by itself.
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No, the 5 was specific to the month of December. They expect it to pick up more in February.
FYI, in my case, delivery date was roughly 3 months after allocation confirm.
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stealership is indeed stealership.
my next new car purchase will be 100% dealer + Toyota free.

Canadian AE25 up for sale in China, sad but true.
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