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waiting time in Canada (please share)

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I placed an order for 2021 AWD Limited in early July in BC and I am still waiting for the call from the dealer.

Could you please share the waiting time in Canada?

Thanks in advance!
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put a deposit down for a 2021 (2022 now) Grey XSE AWD at the beginning of June at a supposedly high volume dealership in the GVRD area, still no news. My buddy works at that dealership as a tech, and he told me on Sept 22 that 3 Sienna's just arrived, but it was the first SIenna's he's seen in probably 2 months.
I saw many Sienna's sitting in Delta on Annacis Island. I think quite a few were shipped with parts missing to be installed when they become available. Frustrating but life I guess. I have a Temp Vin on a van that has been sitting since the middle of the month with Delivery expected Nov 20
Yeah, definitely frustrating. I'm not sure if Toyota is building unfinished vehicles though, I did read that Ford was considering it. At least you have a temporary VIN and a delivery expectation! That's better than my situation, where I put my order in before you did but am still twiddling my thumbs waiting. Fortunately, I don't really need another vehicle until May of 2022, so I have some time.
Got my XSE today after talking to openroad toyota here in richmond las Thursday. Even though I gave my deposit at the dealer on Vancouver. It’s just my luck that they got a stock right away for me. :)
Congrats! Out of curiosity, where did you land in terms of price paid? At MSRP, above or with a discount? The fleet manager at open road offered me somewhere around $750 off msrp in June.
Yes very true. Yeah I suspect my particular vehicle was sold and they have changed it out with another vehicle allocation. That's my opinion.

Did you order an AWD?
yeah, AWD was a must have for me. I probably should have told the sales guy that i was fine with other colours as well, that may have pushed me up the list.. but it's hard to say, since the mid end trims are the hardest to come by apparently
Yeah. I ordered in June. So it's been quite a wait. But AWD is must for me.

The dealer said, he thinks Toyota is building whatever they have parts for. So it means, lower trim levels, no AWD, no tech.
He also said that the discontinuation of the XLE AWD is disappointing for them as it's a top seller.
When you think about it, it actually makes a lot of sense for them to discontinue XLE AWD. Based on the speculation from your dealership, if they don't have enough parts to build AWD vehicles, then they're basically forcing those who want AWD to upgrade and therefore spend more money. It's a win-win because they can earn more money, and reduce the wait time for these models, and not tie up their parts for lower end models. I've read an article where I think the big 3 domestics (or at least Dodge is..) moving forward with a similar tactic.
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That theory makes sense.
I wonder if chose the XLE AWD because they didn't like the interior or the exterior styling of the XSE AWD. It would either push them to spend +13k for the Limited or -3k for the LE AWD.

But either way, it sucks for ppl who were waiting for the XLE AWD.

I would've been ok with either XLE AWD or XSE AWD, but I wanted the roof rails.
Oh, I didn't realize that they offered the LE AWD for 2022.. well that blows my theory out of the water 😂
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Ordered my XSE AWD no tech at the beginning of June, was quoted 4-6 months. 6 months is up, and still nothing so I just called the sales guy today. He could not give me a more accurate time frame, and wasn't willing to make any promises for that matter. Toyota Canada has also told his dealership that BC will also be receiving less allocation in 2022 compared to 2021... I hope I won't have to wait a total of 12months or more before getting it.
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That is ROUGH. Have you tried contacting any other dealers?
I have not, when I paid my refundable deposit in June, I had negotiated a reduction in MSRP. I don't want to go back to the bottom of the list with other dealerships and pay a higher price. He's also mentioned mid-higher end trims are estimated to be over a year to receive now.
I asked if i'm willing to take different colours, if that would push me up the list a bit. Was told unfortunately no, because if someone backs out of their XSE AWD (with or without tech) they would start offering that vehicle to people on the waitlist with similar build preferences. Granted, that should be taken with a grain of salt because i'm pretty sure anyone walking into the dealership waving a wad of cash, pay above MSRP and have a good trade in can probably jump the queue if stock were available.
Wow if you ordered in June and you are in the waiting room. Then I guess I'm in the line outside and waiting to enter the waiting room lol
Ordered in June, not even sure if i'm in the waiting room yet :(
I'm really glad more and more people are chiming in. I thought I was crazy. The reason I've been paying more attention to this lately is because I've been seeing more and more new Siennas on the road. I'm guessing the lucky owners that are driving one now must've placed their orders way back when the vehicle was first released. I also noticed that a lot of those that are still waiting, placed their order in June 2021 and onwards (July, August, etc.).
So I spoke to my salesman earlier, and he told me that there's a customer on their waitlist STILL that ordered in January 2021 for a XSE AWD no tech package - 1 year now. I put my deposit down at the beginning of June, and i'm #10 on the waitlist. That said, he told me that the orders are not sequentially filled, because it really depends on what van shows up at their doorstep and if it meets the customers preference. So, if the 9 ahead of me did not order their van in Grey, I could potentially be next to receive one. I'm really hoping the guy waiting the year ordered something like Red or Blurple that isn't as popular lol.

That said, the chances are low that i'll get one anytime soon because my buddy who works at that same dealership as a tech told me that they only received one van in the last month. I think YMMV because i would assume toyota would allocate more vans to the center of the earth instead of a smaller market like BC or other provinces.
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Congrats! I'm a little confused about how one would obtain the the build date as it sounds like your order was custom. From what I read online and what the sales guy told me, Toyota doesn't make custom orders. That said, I see a lot of posts about people getting temporary VIN's. My understanding is that the dealership is allocated whatever Toyota decides to give them, which they will then try to match it to the preference of a customer on their waitlist(s). Since the allocation can be a bit random at times, it is up to the dealership to trade with others to find a vehicle closest to the preference of their customer. Can anyone explain to me how the build date thing works if it's all supposed to be random allocation?
Buyer tells dealer what they want.

Dealer looks at all build configurations scheduled at the plant that are currently available and shown on their internal system.

When dealer finds a close enough match, they use one of their allocations to “claim” that build.

Dealer then has a specific build and build date to share back with buyer, usually also a temporary VIN.

Once that date is reached, the van gets built and an actual VIN is assigned.

It’s then put on a train/truck heading in the direction of the dealer to whom it’s allocated.

Van stops at a centralized hub or port and has accessories installed (sometimes these port installed items can be changed, but nothing from the factory can). Then it gets put on a truck and dropped off in dealer lot.

Dealer calls customer to come and get it and transfer payment.

Buyer drives home happy and starts playing with all the bells and whistles and opens an account here to ask why the 3rd row doesn’t lay flat and why AWD didn’t come with 20” wheels. :)

No “customization” needed.
Thanks! I did not realize that they can use their allocations to claim builds. From what my sales guy made it sound like, they're just given whatever that comes their way, and they have to figure out what to do with it after the fact.
I got around to giving my dealer a ring yesterday. White XSE AWD w Tech. I ordered June 2021. He told me that Toyota has drastically cut the Hybrid models this year. AWD demand is incredibly high, so a change to FWD will get one sooner. He estimates that my order will arrive by June 2022.
Thanks, i'm in a very similar boat with order time for my non tech. Wondering where you are located, and did you get an idea of where you are in terms of your dealer specific waitlist?
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I'm in the GTA, York Region. He just said his honest estimate would be June. I'm probably going to send him a text to let him know we're somewhat flexible on colour. (This way I can convince the wife that we should do a colour change wrap to Toyota's Flame Blue :ROFLMAO:.
oof, if you're from the center of the universe with an estimate of June 2022, I can only assume it'll be worse for me in BC :(
I tried to let my sales guy know that I can be somewhat flexible on colour too, he said it didn't matter at this point.. i guess it's because they have a waitlist with customers that can cover the entire spectrum of the rainbow there
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In Saskatchewan, where I’m guessing we would get a fraction of the siennas that BC and ON receive. We ordered mid November 2021 and we were told 6-10 months. Just emailed our dealer to see if any update and he said they are telling people who order now, it’s at least 12 months if not more… so my plan of going on a big road trip to California this summer has been dashed… I’m just hopeful we get ours before next winter cause I don’t know how much longer our clunky 2008 town and country is going to last with just city driving and occasional trips out of the city to see grandparents. The only upside that I can think of for waiting this long is they will hopefully work out any bugs being reported in the 2021 siennas 🤞🤞
It's funny you say this, my mom had this grandeur plan of driving down to Disneyland during summer 2021 with my new van. Fast forward to present day, land border is still locked down, and I still don't have a van to use lol. When I put my deposit in June 2021, I knew that I needed a car by May 2022 and thought that was plenty of time to get it. At this point, i'm not sure if I can get it in time.
was talking to my buddy just now, who works as a tech at the dealership I put my order in for my XSE AWD no tech in June 2021 (still waiting....). He told me that he had a chat with their Sales Manager today, and if someone were to walk into their dealership today and ordered a Sienna, it's about 3 years out. This is based on their current 246 people on the wait list, and assuming everyone went through with the purchase of what they are set to get allocated, it'll work out to be about 3 years. Keep in mind this is hugely YMMV because this pertains to their specific dealership in the lower mainland. Still very disheartening to hear.
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It’ll probably be a different story if you have a decent cart to trade in.
Ya.. in my case, I negotiated a discount back then, AND i don't have a car for trade in.. Who knows if they're pushing me down the list every time :(
is anyone like me who is on the fence on getting the Sienna but dont want to pay MSRP. I've owend 97, 08 and now 18 Camry Hybrid SE and managed to at least get $4K off MSRP...
Not to be rude, but you need a reality check of the current market situation. If you can get MSRP on any new vehicle, regardless if it's a Sienna or not, you should be laughing all the way to the bank. I suggest you put this question on r/askcarsales/ on reddit. Salespeople and Sales Managers will give you the their honest opinion there, because you're not their customer and they won't be earning commission from you, so no need to bs you. If you search the subreddit, there's people asking questions of the Sienna there too
How long have u been waiting? We’re in GVA, ordered Xse fwd with tech package in August last year, took delivery mid January, with a 2019 Lexus NX to trade in
Since the beg of June 2021. I did order AWD, and my buddy who works at the dealership did confirm to me that AWD Sienna's are few and far between. He doesn't see the sales side of things, but the service department does see the new vehicles because they have to PDI them. It's apparently easier to get your hands on a FWD Sienna, but even those are high demand. They had a white LE FWD come in the other day and he said people were like vultures around that van.
Thank you! my children likes more than I do :)

it's west coast toyota.
Congrats. I too ordered from WC Toyota at the beginning of June for an XSE AWD no tech. Still no news from them which is kind of sad.
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