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waiting time in Canada (please share)

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I placed an order for 2021 AWD Limited in early July in BC and I am still waiting for the call from the dealer.

Could you please share the waiting time in Canada?

Thanks in advance!
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I doubt the 25th anniversary is ready for delivery since it's MY 2023
DMOGX: Our dealer WC Toyota just got in two more siennas.. one silver, one white I believe, not sure what trim levels yet.. saw them when I was driving by. No grey mica AWD for you...
But on the positive side, that's 3 siennas in the past 2 weeks.. so that's more than I saw in May.
Were you able to see if they were AWD with the badge in the back?
AWD. According to my dealer at the time, I order just before some sort of order cut off, so maybe I was lucky? shrug
Did you trade in a vehicle?
Does anyone know if there’s any way to keep the dealerships accountable?
How some members on here get their orders before others who have put down deposits/orders earlier make it seem as if some bad actors/salespeople/dealerships are making life terrible for some customers.
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Unfortunately, I'd say pretty close to impossible unless Toyota moves to a central ordering system like Tesla. Every dealership's allocations are different, and there's no way to know what color/trim combos come in, and which customer ordered what. So if someone else gets a car first, is it because they happened to order one with an allocation coming in? Or is it because they had a good trade-in or bought every dealer add-on offered, or what not.
Honestly, ordering this Sienna has been the most annoying car buying experience ever. The wait is bad, but the lack of clarity on where I stand is worse. As I'm paying in cash, and have no good trade-in, I am all but guaranteed to be last in line unless the dealer acts honestly
Side note, we're waiting to order a VW ID4 for my wife. Thankfully, VW is moving to an ordering system exclusively through a centralized online portal. It's a big plus for us, especially over the "maybe 2.5 years wait" we got looking at the Ioniq 5 at Hyundai (instantly knocked it off our list).
I wonder if anyone has tried to contact Toyota on their corporate website. There’s no way to give feedback on dealerships during the wait.
I wouldn’t be as annoyed if the salesperson would contact me and give me a periodic update, especially since the ETA he provided (6 months) has doubled and I still have no clue whether I will ever get my order.
If this was any other sector, it would be behaviour that deserves tangible consequences.
Thats a big assumption that it's the dealers or their staff making the decisions.

Dealers have no say in what TMMC manufactures or how they allocates vehicles to the dealers. Why are wait times in the US better than here when they come out of the same plant?

The expectation is that dealers need to communicate better. They're are only so many times they can say "we don't know".

Accountability needs to extend up to TMMC to improve on their system.
Yeah, it’s a gray area, where both TMMC and the individual dealerships and salespeople can do a better job.
i just don’t want to be one of the customers still waiting 2 years in while many other customers who went to different dealerships got their cars much sooner; but I do foresee that happening with the way I am treated as a customer.

it's such waste of time contacting toyota via their website. it normally takes 2-3 days to reply to your email. first email part one is bs greeting, part two will ask you to provide additional information. on second replied email, part one is bs greeting again, part two will ask you to contact your local dealer for more information.
thanks for sharing that experience!
Dealership said my anniversary edition will be here in November. Dealership said they only allocated one. They don't know pricing yet.

They said if I wanted the xse it would be 2024 or 25 model year
Which dealership is this?

The dealership I am dealing with seems to be completely clueless as to when they will receive any vehicle.
I saw a white 25th anniversary badged sienna in Burnaby this afternoon. I wonder which dealership delivered it.
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Your mistake was ordering from WC Toyota, as did a few of us around here. My salesguy was actually rude and unhelpful 14 months into the order, so I 'fired him' by complaining to management and had the assistant sales manager take over my order.

For reference, my Grey XSE AWD no tech deposit was put down in June 2, 2021. I was finally offered an XSE AWD no tech in blueprint on Monday of this week. This was the first vehicle they ever offered me since I put the deposit down. Seeing as I decided not to wait and bought an EV already, I just asked for my deposit back. Happy to say that this van went to another person here (who also fired the same sales guy lol)
Yep. Finally picked up the 2022 Sienna today at WC Toyota. Put deposit down in June 2021. The good thing is that the salesperson I dealt with was not actually in when I picked up the vehicle, leaving for a better experience.

I had no expectations of getting a vehicle this year, but I’m grateful that I got a 2022 because the rates are lower and the price is lower.
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Surprised that 2022 model year as several people have indicated they got their 2023 anniversary recently.

Perhaps as someone suggested... they built all the anniversary trims during a 2-3 week period but not the other trims yet.

Check tire pressure as weather gets cooler.
Enjoy and post some pics.
I’ll try to take some pics when the weather gets better. It’s another atmospheric river passing through right now.
Wheel Tire Sky Automotive tail & brake light Car

Wheel Car Vehicle Tire Window

Motor vehicle Car Automotive design Car seat cover Vehicle

Here are some photos of the car in a little better weather.There is so much more space in a mini van despite the child seats
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Great to see so many on the road now. @dairy_co Was there any markup from the dealer? I’ve got friends that are looking and basically all LM dealers are playing the game.
The dealer/salesperson honoured the original discount I negotiated 16 months ago, but I doubt they will extend that discount to new customers.
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What mats are those in your vehicle?
Those are the included all weather mats that come with Canadian Siennas
We took ownership of the 2023 anniversary edition today. Wow what a huge upgrade from our Mazda 3.

Loving every aspect of it although find the kick side doors a little finicky and can't often get it working.

Tried the cooling seats, going to be amazing for the summer.

Have some winter tires on order to install next week.

We feel so lucky to be able to get this, as my wife is due with our second kid any day now
Show us some pics. I am interested in the features of the 25th anniversary edition.
Depending on trade-in value of my 2022, I might end up trading in for one if another dealership I put a deposit at calls me.
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