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waiting time in Canada (please share)

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I placed an order for 2021 AWD Limited in early July in BC and I am still waiting for the call from the dealer.

Could you please share the waiting time in Canada?

Thanks in advance!
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Placed an order for a Limited last week with Milton Toyota. They said it's looking like 18 months so might end up with a MY2024.

Not in a particular rush so willing to wait; if things change I'll just get my deposit back.
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Careful about putting multiple deposits as that may get you on Toyota's reseller list and hence they won't sell to you.

Perhaps it varies by dealership however was trying to help a friend recently and when suggested to get put a 2nd deposit they informed me that 2nd dealership asked if any other deposit and that multiple deposits not allowed.

As with anything with dealerships and manufacturers... YMMV.
That's interesting. I was cross shopping against the Highlander Hybrid and the dealership was willing to take a deposit on both cars and sell me whichever one came in first.

I did consider putting another deposit down with Erin Park but ultimately decided against it as I'm in no rush.
My dealer/sales rep are giving me monthly updates. Kind of useless information but at least I know they haven't forgotten about me.... 😅

As discussed I will be following up with you once a month with updates for your vehicle.
As of right now your vehicle is in queue but once it starts production I will be able to give you more accurate lead times.
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The Toyota distribution yard in East Toronto has dozens of Siennas parked onsite. The have lots of the other models also. I drive by everyday on the way into my office.
Where exactly is this yard?
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