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Was a loyal Toyota Customer until my 2009 Sienna Lemon-Fest

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Hi all,
My wife had a Toyota Tercel that lasted forever, I had a Highlander that I cherished, but the moment we drove off the lot with our brand new 2009 Toyota Sienna, our love of all things Toyota started going downhill ... fast! We've had recall after recall and there are still multiple things that remain unsolved. Random electrical issues, creaky construction (like bolts aren't quite tight enough), transmission issues/recalls, oil pipes bursting, random bursts of horrible odours (no kidding and, no, it's not human and not the cabin air filter), A/C that blows boiling hot on the driver and freezing cold on the passenger, and, of course, the full-sized spare tire that cannot be housed in the under-body location and therefore is bolted down in my stow-&-go location for my rear fold-down seats rendering the entire rear cargo area a constant nightmare.
It is my opinion Toyota should simply scrap the entire model year and send a free, brand new (quality tested!!??!!) vehicle to all original owners. Since that will never happen, I am here... to vent and perhaps find comfort in knowing others share my pain.
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Sorry to hear that you've had a number of problems. I've read about many of them on the second gen forums here. Unfortunately, I don't think the third generation closed the quality gap. How many kms on your 2009?
totally agree with you....Both toyota and Honda japanese cars have been going down the hill for a while and more so lately..... Toyota had their best cars reliability during late 80-90s....after seem to be going downhill...
I have been toyota fan long time...but lately question their quality control and honda's too...

I say that the CEO of toyota should be fired since he is more interested in mass production, global dominace of being ##1 car production then quality.... he has lost site of how toyota got to be popular.....Reliability....not mass production...

I had ford....transmission, after transmission.....gave that up..
had honda for while....seemed okay but toyota was better...back in the days.
korean cars.....coming up to quality standards atleast by reviews...but still don;t trust korean stuff..
Ford, chevy, dodge......all supposedly coming up in quality standard reliability atleast from reviews....?????

so yes... its touch and go....but still toyota seems like the best for now....but I wouldn't bank on it...have to research quality problems from various sources, reviews, mechanics, friends, recalls, forums and what be certain of no lemon cars..... its almost like buyer beware nowadays when you can't even trust toyota quality...
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My story is sort of similar. I grew up with Toyotas, loved 'em all, then wife and I bought a used 2008 Sienna w/ 30,000 miles, a "certified pre-owned" from a Toyota dealer, and had nothing but problems with it. Had to take it in for multiple power door issues, alarm issues, oil issues ... eventually the pain in the butt of taking it to the dealership every other month (and they typically had "run out of loaner cars" so we were always having to take two cars to drop it off) forced us to get rid of it. Also have some good friends who bought a brand new 2009 back then and had an experience similar to yours.
I'm hoping, and it would seem, that the embarrassment they've suffered based on the recalls and law suits, and the re-rise of the American auto makers, as well as Volkswagen just recently knocking them off their perch as the world's No. 1 automaker, has caused them to return to quality. Even though we just bought a new Ford Fusion Hybrid, because it was $8k less than the Camry Hybrid due to Ford's financing incentives, I'll buy another Toyota in the future ... haven't written them off yet. In the meantime I'll keep my 2000 Sienna on the road as long as it'll keep driving ...
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