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Water leak passenger and driver side, wet carpet

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Our 2009 Sienna LE passenger side and driver side carpet are both soaked - with the passenger side wetter.

This has happened twice already - San Francisco bay area gets rain mostly in winter months.
The first time, I thought it must have been my fault: not closing the window.
But this time, I am pretty sure it is not the window.

-The leak is water, no sweet smell etc. The heater is working.
-We hardly used A/C, heater. Checked A/C drainage pipe from below, it was not blocked.
-There is no moonroof
-Windshield is factory (it is a 2009 model after all) :)

Is this kind of problem covered by warranty?

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(I have also posted this elsewhere)

I got a 2009 Sienna - 85k miles - a couple of months ago, and recently noticed I was taking on water in the rear. Took a hose to it, starting at bottom of liftgate and working my way up, opening the liftgate to check every few inches. When I got the hose to the top of the liftgate, and before I reached the roof rack pillars, I started getting water inside. Quickly noticed that it started at the top rear just inside the liftgate.

The source appeared to be the larger of the two electrical "raceway" grommets at the top of car, between the liftgate hinges. The seal was just terrible where the grommet met the body of the Sienna.

Took some Gardner-Bender Duct Seal and applied it around that grommet, and the other smaller one also, to be safe.

I just happened to have some Duct Seal around. This is exactly what electricians use all the time to seal things like the service cable entrance on top of electrical meters outside, even though some small print on their product sheet says it's not for outdoor use. G-B is probably just protecting themselves from lawsuits, because the stuff just works real well for that. It's soft and pliable, kinda like Play-Doh, but it never dries out.

So far it's working for me. Just happens to be raining now, but when it's dry outside I'll probably apply this stuff to the top grommets (on the liftgate itself) as well.

NOTE: the area should be wiped dry and free of dirt or dust when you apply it. It doesn't stick well when the surfaces are wet. In case you're curious, as I've got it applied, the liftgate doesn't touch it at all when it closes.

BTW have now put a couple thousand miles on my Sienna and I love love love to drive the van. I have had prior experience driving these, so I'm not surprised. When I don't need the cargo space, though, I typically drive my "old" 03-04 2.4L Camrys, coz they get better mileage - no surprise there either. Hope I don't have any further water leaks.

You can get Duct Seal easily at big-box hardware stores or electrical supply stores. And it's really cheap. Comes in 1 lb. bricks for about 3 bucks.

Disclaimer: I don't work for them or have any other financial interest in the product. And as usual, your mileage may vary.

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