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Water leak passenger and driver side, wet carpet

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Our 2009 Sienna LE passenger side and driver side carpet are both soaked - with the passenger side wetter.

This has happened twice already - San Francisco bay area gets rain mostly in winter months.
The first time, I thought it must have been my fault: not closing the window.
But this time, I am pretty sure it is not the window.

-The leak is water, no sweet smell etc. The heater is working.
-We hardly used A/C, heater. Checked A/C drainage pipe from below, it was not blocked.
-There is no moonroof
-Windshield is factory (it is a 2009 model after all) :)

Is this kind of problem covered by warranty?

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I've got two problems with leaks in my 2011 Sienna. A few months ago my sons said water was pouring out of the slot where the front passenger seat belt enters the pillar, just behind the passenger seat. I stopped and looked. Boy were they right. It hasn't happened since. Now I've got water dripping on the front driver's side pillar between the windshield and the front door. It drips right where the plastic molding ends. There was a large puddle of ice on the floor. It doesn't seem to have occurred again, but then again, it hasn't rained or snowed since. I checked the drainage tubes from the sunroofs and they are clear, so I've no idea where the water was coming from.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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