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WATER PUMP Failure....

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Hello , I'm new to the forum but I've always owned toyotas. Actually I rebuild engines on my spare time(mostlly 2ZZ-GE engines for the celica and Lotus)
I own a 2007 sienna LE.
I wanted to give you a heads up on the water pump. After having 105 000km on the odometer it let go. Having past the warranty period I was quoted from the dealer a 6 hours job and about $200 for the part alone. The symptoms will start with the air condition system behaving erratic (cold /hot). The system will put itself in a recirculation mod to compensate and it will be physical impossible to get it in fresh mod. I'm guessing it has something to do to with the a lower coolant level. It's not very complicated of a job to do but involves numerous steps to get at it!
The pumps bearings are at fault here. It was confirmed to me from some friends (mechanics) that work at a Toyota dealer....the 3.5 V6's have been having all their pumps changed at about that millage. Look for some slight leaking ( it's quite hard to look at, as it's very tight) and check your coolant level.
I didn't check mine I thought "This is a Toyota not a Volkswagen!.. the pumps are supposed to last a long time!" ::) But please do it before you reach that 100 000km /60 000 milles mark.
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I have a 2008 Toyota sienna with 174530 miles. I've changed the spark plugs, the coils ,stabilizing arms, struts, and it still purrs like a kitten. The water pump has not been changed yet, it still runs great. I change the coolant every year and a half to two years, change the oil every 5000 miles as recommended, and do a complete transmission flush every 35,000 miles and I add half a quart of Lucas transmission fix to it as it adds polymers to the tranny fluid. On top of that I've added inline transmission and power steering filters to the vehicle. Great Dame little van. Just wondering when I'm going to have to change the water pump. who knows maybe I'll go out another hundred thousand before needed to change.
I have the same 2008 Toyota sienna with 128,000 miles. Thinking about replacing water pump. Now I am going to inspect it at every oil change. With a long 14mm wrench, it is easy to lose belt to inspect WP pulley and idle pulley. Thank you for sharing your experience.
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