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WATER PUMP Failure....

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Hello , I'm new to the forum but I've always owned toyotas. Actually I rebuild engines on my spare time(mostlly 2ZZ-GE engines for the celica and Lotus)
I own a 2007 sienna LE.
I wanted to give you a heads up on the water pump. After having 105 000km on the odometer it let go. Having past the warranty period I was quoted from the dealer a 6 hours job and about $200 for the part alone. The symptoms will start with the air condition system behaving erratic (cold /hot). The system will put itself in a recirculation mod to compensate and it will be physical impossible to get it in fresh mod. I'm guessing it has something to do to with the a lower coolant level. It's not very complicated of a job to do but involves numerous steps to get at it!
The pumps bearings are at fault here. It was confirmed to me from some friends (mechanics) that work at a Toyota dealer....the 3.5 V6's have been having all their pumps changed at about that millage. Look for some slight leaking ( it's quite hard to look at, as it's very tight) and check your coolant level.
I didn't check mine I thought "This is a Toyota not a Volkswagen!.. the pumps are supposed to last a long time!" ::) But please do it before you reach that 100 000km /60 000 milles mark.
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Funny I should come across your thread on this day. I took my 2007 Sienna (with 64,000 miles) to the dealership for a tune-up and after I pulled in the guy said "Has your engine always been that loud?" I look at him like he's got three heads and I tell him it doesn't sound loud. He said "we will check just. Might just be a worn out belt." I said "Okay." I get a call three hours later and the guy is telling me the bearing in the water pump is bad. I think the guy is full of it, just trying to charge me for something I don't need. I was going to tell the guy not to fix it but then I talk to my old mechanic. He said it's not something you want to mess around with. He convinced me to have it fixed. Total cost is $537.

So then I read your article and now I'm thinking maybe I'm not getting scammed after all. :)
Thanks for the confirmation!
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