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How much was van loaded?

People, cargo.

Van took elevation with ease or struggled?
It was work, so the load was the 215 lbs. of myself + 200 or so lbs. of work gear in the back. The van does not struggle on the regular mountain roads, which in this corner of Appalachia can get rather steep (7% I think). Last summer we drove it to the Spruce Knob summit at 4,800 ft., on a paved road, with 360 lbs. of people and probably 300 lbs. of gear.

But today's experience was a little different, because some sections of the road were not only very steep, but also narrow, unpaved, and with many hairpin turns. The e-AWD performed remarkably well, I must say. The pictures below are dashcam screenshots.
Sky Cloud Natural landscape Asphalt Road surface

Plant Sky Natural landscape Asphalt Road surface

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I think some of this is a matter of perspective.

Our 2004 Sienna LE FWD (that we still have) with 296K miles averages 20 MPG and 400 miles per tank of gas.
When you compare those numbers against our 2021 Sienna LE AWD, our current 36-38 MPG looks pretty dang good!!

We're not complaining; all things being equal, we're REALLY GLAD we have our 2021 LE AWD.
(Especially since we now have 2 power doors!! WHOO HOO!!!).
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