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How did you do that? What did you use? I want to do the same. Is it removable?
It was easy. The sheet is just a 2' x 4' sheet of plywood. I forget which thickness off the top of my head, but I think it was 3/4 inch that I grabbed at home depot. I glued some rubber matting that I got off amazon to it from Amazon Rubber Mat Amazon

Since I usually ride with just one bike, but sometimes up to three, I wanted the fork mounts to be movable. So I simply screwed in two 4 foot strips of L-Track to the sheet of plywood. Then I got fork mounts that hook on to the L-Track. So they simply snap on and off. I got those here, though I will probably just make my own next time L Track Fork Mounts

For the wheel carriers, I bought this wheel hitch off amazon amazon wheel hitch. In the photo ,they are screwed into the sheet of plywood. But I later drilled a hole into the carrier and slotted them into an L-Track fitting so I can move them around. This is the fitting I used L Track stud fitting. The reason I used this is particular mount was the quick release. If you are just bolting them in, you could use different ones. Note, my big 29er Enduro wheels weren't sitting totally into the carrier as they hit the plywood further back, so you need to space the carrier up about a half inch or so somehow. The height of the L-Track was perfect. With the height of the L-Track and the fitting, they are now actually suspended in the air a bit. Road wheels or 27.5's fit fine, and probably smaller 29ers as well.

The wheel carriers are for quick release axles. Fine for road bikes, but don't work with thru axles, plus I needed a second set of axles anyway to hold the tires on. Since the first axle is holding the forks down on the bike. So I bought these Yakima thru-axle adapters on Etrailer here Yakima Thru Axle Adapter

Took maybe a half hour to assemble. Make sure to get Polyeurethane glue or the matt won't stick to the wood well. With the mount on the foremost row of L-Track, the Megatower fits with the second row moved up just slightly. Still plenty of room for passengers. If it's any longer than that, you might have to slide it all the way up. But that would probably take a huge downhill bike. Or just slot it through the middle captains chairs. I am typically going to use it with the Megatower and front wheel on the passenger side. So my bin with tools, gear etc goes on the right and then my portable bike washer. With all that, still end up with plenty of room for camping gear etc.

The rack weighs maybe ten pounds and just slides out if I need to move it.
241 - 246 of 246 Posts