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What Did you Drive before the Sienna?

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Hello everyone, just wanted to introduce myself. I consider myself a car enthusiast and a former VW Golf driver for the past decade (hoping I'll get back into one in the future.) Growing up my father had a first gen XL10. Now with my own family, and a set of twins, we're waiting for our own Sienna. Funny how some things come full circle. I did a quick search and couldn't find this conversation topic. So what were you all driving before the Sienna? Or what is your weekend car besides a Sienna? ☺
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1990 Maxima. Hand me down. It died 2007 after I let it sit during my deployment.
2002 4runner. It was a hand me down to the wife and my current backup car.
2012 Prius C my current commuter. Only car I ever bought brand new.
1978 MGB. My most recent purchase and never ending project.

My cars have been so reliable that I don't really need to buy cars I guess. The 4runner can prob last another generation. Lol.
Yeah, I've only owned 4 or 5 cars in my life and none of them were broken down when I got rid of them. I always had reliable cars so this is the first time in my life that we have essentially 2 brand new (fairly expensive) cars in our household.
I'm hoping to replace the Prius C with the Canoo EV Van as soon as they start production.
That is quite the vehicle history. I remember my dad teaching me to drive in his sienna at 16. He eventually traded the minivan for an RX330 and that car lasted forever. He would let me borrow it whenever I want and we both loved that car very much. I create the thread but didn't list my vehicles.

My very first car was a 2008 Civic Si. Bought a brand new 2012 MK6 Golf R and it was a money pit. I was not smart with my money in my early 20's. Late 20's, I got into a 2004 S2000. Sold that, settled down. Picked up a CPO MK7 Golf R and that was my favorite car - to date. Recently sold it to prepare for the incoming Sienna and I'm not sure how I will adjust to a bigger hybrid vehicle.
Should have never sold the S2k. Lol.
That will be tough question to answer as I have way too many cars and still have over 40 as of today

1. Every generation of Sienna
2. Camry- 92, 93, 99, 2001, 2005, 2009, 2012
3. Tundra- 2007
4. Avalon- 1995, 2000

1. Pulsar- 1989 with sportbak 65k in long term storage
2. 2008 Quest
3. 2013 GTR
4. 2008 Nissan Titan

1. Accord- 92,93,94,95,98- various sedan and wagons. Currently 2 in long term storage
2. Del Sol- I have 4. Down to 2 currently
3. S2000- 02
4. Odyssey- 07
5. Civic- 93

IS300- 01, 02, 03- 7 sportcross and 5 sedan- currently 3 sportcross and 2 sedan
LX- 2021
RX300 and 350

Lost count- probably have over 30 since 2001
Currently have 11 right now- mix of 135/335/M2/M3/530e/M5/X1/330E

C- C32, C55, C63s
E- E350/500/55/63
S- S430/55
G- G500/55/63

RSX type S
TL and type S

three exotics
4 luxury sedan and suv (don’t want to name it)


Y and S

Taurus SHO- 92/93/94 all manual (2 in storage
C-max plug in
F150 2002

Air grand touring

2014 RS7- owned for about a month and transmission blew up ending my short brief Audi ownership
So are you the owner of Krispy Kreme? :LOL:
If I listed all the cars I drove before the Sienna, it would go back 50 years, and involve HUNDREDs of different cars, because I used to "trade cars" sometimes as often as just a few weeks later. Most recently, however, I traded in a 2022 Honda CRV hybrid EXL AND sold a 2022 Camry hybrid LE.
I decided my Sienna would replace BOTH these cars, as my wife rarely drives, and thought we could get by on ONE car instead of 2.

We did not like having "just" one car, tho. So, my solution to prevent 2 car payments was to buy a "beater", for cash, which I drive.

I decided on a 2005 Cadillac Deville. (no its not a beater..its beautiful!). It has 75,000 miles and could be confused with a "new" 2005, with few exceptions. It uses too much gas, but I dont drive it that much, so a tank of gas in the deville probably lasts me a couple months.
In some ways, the Caddy is better than the Sienna.
1. Caddy has heated steering wheel, 2023 Sienna XLE does not. The Caddy also rides better than the Sienna..
2. Caddy has heated and cooled seats, which will be nice in summer. No cooled seats for sienna.
3. Caddy has "memory" so seats are automatically adjusted to me, after wife drives caddy and messes them up. Not so for Sienna.
4. Power. The V8 in the Caddy will beat the Sienna badly, tho we dont race them. The power is nice. Nothing like a V8 for power.
5. Caddy has a CD player, no such thing in a 2023 Sienna.
Of course, the Caddy has downsides, such as no adaptive cruise, and no backup camera, like the Sienna. But, I could buy 8 Caddy's like this for the price of "1" 2023 Siennas. Wife drives either one..They are both huge and take big parking places.
I don't think the Caddy is that fast tbh. The Sienna does 0-60 in about 8 seconds. I think the Caddy does it in about 7.4 seconds. The gen3 does it in 7 seconds.
2005 Deville ranges from 6.2 seconds to 7.5 seconds. I currently own a 2005 Deville, and a 2023 Sienna XLE.
Having driven both extensively, the acceleration difference is "no contest". However, I agree the Sienna is much quicker than you think. In part, this is because I always drive the Sienna in "Eco" mode, where "sport" mode is much faster.
Yea it feels slow prob cause of the ecvt but if you look at the speedometer it quickly picks up speed. The 2GR engine in the gen3 is a beast and I think you can install a supercharger to make it even quicker.
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Tesla Model Y Performance :giggle: Now I'm in the Sienna Mom Zone again :cautious: I gotta make this gray Sienna work for me. Maybe a 3 in lift, some sporty tires & rims, chrome delete, tinted windows. HELP ME.... I'm going from 0 to 60 in 3 sec 🐆🐆 to what 0 to 60 in 9 or 10 🐢🐢🐢 FYI... I got rid of it for my husband. 💕
You're a parent. Stop trying to fake the funk. lol. Yes the Tesla is fast but I don't think it makes you look that cool. If you wanna look cool get a Porsche. Lol.

And a real Porsche not an SUV Porsche.
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The 911 will always be my dream.
I like the older ones (78-98).
18' ram night cc 5.7. 3.92 anti slip light mods, 0-60 5.3 sec, gran blk met- every option
14' P Cayenne platinum (bought new sold in 2022, not one thing broke) VR6 8 speed tip 21" Porsche rim package, white on black rims- every option
Marky Mark has rims on his.

Off topic:

I disagree with the author of that article from dailymail.
While he may be a doting dad... he is far from being a fine actor and even further from being a fine human being.
Yes I agree. Lol. Not making excuses for him but we're basically from the same kinda neighborhood in Boston. I can picture him as the typical 80/90s townie that got into gang fights. He Prob grew up around old guys like Whittey Bulger.
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Our previous car was a Mazda Mazda6 wagon. Great car just not enough room for family and dog on camping trips.

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Nice wagon. I just sold my 4runner Michelin winter tires to some guy on craigslist with a Hyundai Wagon. I was impressed that he was able to fit all 4 tires inside with ease.
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