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What Did you Drive before the Sienna?

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Hello everyone, just wanted to introduce myself. I consider myself a car enthusiast and a former VW Golf driver for the past decade (hoping I'll get back into one in the future.) Growing up my father had a first gen XL10. Now with my own family, and a set of twins, we're waiting for our own Sienna. Funny how some things come full circle. I did a quick search and couldn't find this conversation topic. So what were you all driving before the Sienna? Or what is your weekend car besides a Sienna? ☺
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Short answer: 2001 Chevy Prism. Got our Sienna in Jan 2021.

Long Answer: Prism had kind of premature death in late 2020. It had "only" 153K miles on it. It sat unused due to covid. We live in a parking space challenged area so it was parked half a mile away. I had bought it in 2009 at 120K as my wife's first car here in US. We got a 2011 C300 in 2011 when our first one was born. Prism became backup car that time. C300 is our backup car now. We put about 1500 miles on c300 since sienna.

I also have a 2006 Chey Colorado bought new. It is also a backup car with only about 57K on it so far.

I "have" a 1995 Kawasaki ZX-9R. Reason for double quotes is that last I rode on it was in 2010. It is just a souvenir in my garage now. It will cost a lot more than it's worth to get it going again.
That will be tough question to answer as I have way too many cars and still have over 40 as of today

1. Every generation of Sienna
2. Camry- 92, 93, 99, 2001, 2005, 2009, 2012
3. Tundra- 2007
4. Avalon- 1995, 2000

1. Pulsar- 1989 with sportbak 65k in long term storage
2. 2008 Quest
3. 2013 GTR
4. 2008 Nissan Titan

1. Accord- 92,93,94,95,98- various sedan and wagons. Currently 2 in long term storage
2. Del Sol- I have 4. Down to 2 currently
3. S2000- 02
4. Odyssey- 07
5. Civic- 93

IS300- 01, 02, 03- 7 sportcross and 5 sedan- currently 3 sportcross and 2 sedan
LX- 2021
RX300 and 350

Lost count- probably have over 30 since 2001
Currently have 11 right now- mix of 135/335/M2/M3/530e/M5/X1/330E

C- C32, C55, C63s
E- E350/500/55/63
S- S430/55
G- G500/55/63

RSX type S
TL and type S

three exotics
4 luxury sedan and suv (don’t want to name it)


Y and S

Taurus SHO- 92/93/94 all manual (2 in storage
C-max plug in
F150 2002

Air grand touring

2014 RS7- owned for about a month and transmission blew up ending my short brief Audi ownership

I wonder how many people you have helping you out to keep up with 30 cars....

.... cars' specific online forums like this that is 😜 :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: . I can't even imagine how you keep up with all the meetups!
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