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What Did you Drive before the Sienna?

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Hello everyone, just wanted to introduce myself. I consider myself a car enthusiast and a former VW Golf driver for the past decade (hoping I'll get back into one in the future.) Growing up my father had a first gen XL10. Now with my own family, and a set of twins, we're waiting for our own Sienna. Funny how some things come full circle. I did a quick search and couldn't find this conversation topic. So what were you all driving before the Sienna? Or what is your weekend car besides a Sienna? ☺
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‘95 Chevy Silverado
‘00 Chevy Suburban
’04 Chevy Avalanche
‘07 Audi A4
‘16 Subaru Outback
’06 Toyota Tundra
’14 Toyota Prius
’15 BMW m235i
’17 Tundra*
’19 Prius
’21 Sienna*
‘22 Camry*

*Currently own. Sienna replaced both the Prius and Outback.

You are absolutely right about full circle. My mother had a blue Toyota Previa when I was in kindergarten. Now we have a Toyota Sienna when our kid is in kindy.

That is quite the vehicle history. I remember my dad teaching me to drive in his sienna at 16. He eventually traded the minivan for an RX330 and that car lasted forever. He would let me borrow it whenever I want and we both loved that car very much. I create the thread but didn't list my vehicles.

My very first car was a 2008 Civic Si. Bought a brand new 2012 MK6 Golf R and it was a money pit. I was not smart with my money in my early 20's. Late 20's, I got into a 2004 S2000. Sold that, settled down. Picked up a CPO MK7 Golf R and that was my favorite car - to date. Recently sold it to prepare for the incoming Sienna and I'm not sure how I will adjust to a bigger hybrid vehicle.
1 - 2 of 67 Posts