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What Did you Drive before the Sienna?

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Hello everyone, just wanted to introduce myself. I consider myself a car enthusiast and a former VW Golf driver for the past decade (hoping I'll get back into one in the future.) Growing up my father had a first gen XL10. Now with my own family, and a set of twins, we're waiting for our own Sienna. Funny how some things come full circle. I did a quick search and couldn't find this conversation topic. So what were you all driving before the Sienna? Or what is your weekend car besides a Sienna? ☺
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That will be tough question to answer as I have way too many cars and still have over 40 as of today

1. Every generation of Sienna
2. Camry- 92, 93, 99, 2001, 2005, 2009, 2012
3. Tundra- 2007
4. Avalon- 1995, 2000

1. Pulsar- 1989 with sportbak 65k in long term storage
2. 2008 Quest
3. 2013 GTR
4. 2008 Nissan Titan

1. Accord- 92,93,94,95,98- various sedan and wagons. Currently 2 in long term storage
2. Del Sol- I have 4. Down to 2 currently
3. S2000- 02
4. Odyssey- 07
5. Civic- 93

IS300- 01, 02, 03- 7 sportcross and 5 sedan- currently 3 sportcross and 2 sedan
LX- 2021
RX300 and 350

Lost count- probably have over 30 since 2001
Currently have 11 right now- mix of 135/335/M2/M3/530e/M5/X1/330E

C- C32, C55, C63s
E- E350/500/55/63
S- S430/55
G- G500/55/63

RSX type S
TL and type S

three exotics
4 luxury sedan and suv (don’t want to name it)


Y and S

Taurus SHO- 92/93/94 all manual (2 in storage
C-max plug in
F150 2002

Air grand touring

2014 RS7- owned for about a month and transmission blew up ending my short brief Audi ownership
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So are you the owner of Krispy Kreme? :LOL:
No. But I used to be crazy about KK.

High blood sugar killed that hobby.

I just got very lucky in my hi-tech career. :)
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The white Camry is extremely rare. Only about 500 was made. It’s 5 speed V6 Camry SE. Took me 10 years to find one.

E9x and E82 are two of better recent BMW chassis. Cheap to buy now and modify.

The accord wagons in storage - one is manual with 120k miles- with bad paint. One is automatic with 63k miles- with every possible factory accessories.

And- Green especially light green is my favorite color. Especially the Opal Green on the accord wagon- that is also reason why I had same color Civic in storage as well.

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Didn’t recognize the rear of the green SUV, had to GIS it
Wife SUV. Taken the day of delivery after lunch at China bee in San Mateo. One of the most authentic fried stinky tofu place in Bay Area. Sad it’s closed permanently
How do you deal with insurance? Here, insurance is on the car so five cars cost five times as much as a single car.
On cars I don’t drive much- I use metromiles.

On cars we drives- I use Geico.

I do pay a lot of insurance. Not going to lie.

I wonder how many people you have helping you out to keep up with 30 cars....

.... cars' specific online forums like this that is 😜 :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: . I can't even imagine how you keep up with all the meetups!
I have a full time mechanic helping me. Also I bother my friend a lot.

But my wife is now pushing me to downsize. Hence I have got rid of a bunch of cars.

Goal this year is to cut my junk fleet down to 15.
I bet that green LX is fairly rare as well… last of the 200 series, we snagged one of those as well…the 200 series but not LX. The loss of the 5.7 and switch to forced aspiration is likely the end of the soul for that platform.
Nori Green was only made for like 6 months in 2021. I believe it was only one batch.

Got it from Lexus San Diego. The 5.7 V8 also was the main reason for me to pick up 2021 instead of LX600.

I forgot to mention- I actually forgot several cars from the list

had two CLK convertible, another LX 570, and Audi Etron SUV.

i am sure I still have cars I can’t remember.
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