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Armrests better functionality than my 06
Exterior Style
Full Power doors and hatch
More space between Driver seat and 2nd row
If you remove the 8th seat on the SE model there are cup holders on the base attached to the 2nd row drivers side

Door armrest storage
Dash is hard plastic and feels cheap
Still no all time 12v plug (still shuts off with key)
Seat handles for folding 3rd row seat Strap on the 06 worried about the well where the handle is collecting stuff
I like the seats on my SE but the base seats material feels cheaper than older models
The 8th seat is a joke right ? I ave already stowed it away.
The storage box in the center of the first row (driver) is actually too big and deep should have an organixer or something in there

Lastly fo rnow no tailgating seat option? Some may not even know but if you open the 3rd row of seats you can make it so the back of the seat is sitting on the tailgate and you can esentially sit backwards on the back of the seat it is great for parking lot hanging out.

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I've still got my '06 Sienna which I'd live to replace if only because the newer one is way better looking but a few things hold be back...

-worse storage (less arm rest storage/ no below-the-radio storage/not a good place to put a cell phone)
-still no hybrid
-weak, cheap dash mamaterials my 2006 xle has been a fantastic vehicle after two BMWs, 3 Saabs, 5 Volvos. I'd buy another BETTER Sienna in a sec if it was just that much better.

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2009 Limited AWD to 2017 XLE AWD

* Overall feel and comfort is improved
* Eight speed transmission
* Improved radio/ nav/etc - Entune works well with my iPhone
* Quieter at hwy speeds
* Improved styling - though I think Gen2 was a “sportier” look with rear spoiler

* I miss the from door armrest storage
* Center console is not easily removable
* Rear “trunk space is smaller” - presumably to allow sliding second row
* Sliding se one row seat mounts interrupt flat floor making sleeping in van more challenging
* THEY SCREWED UP THE ROOF RACKS by moving them back too far - too far back for good canoe transport
* The 8th seat storage in back is useless space - should have a spare tire there

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2018 Sienna LE
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Originally had a 2006 LE. Replaced with a 2018 LE

Better in the 2018 LE:

  • Powerful engine. Better gas mileage
  • 2 power doors. My 06 had only one
  • Sliding 2nd row seats a bit better but still a bit weird. 06's flip seats would probably take a kid's arm out :)
  • Sliding 2nd row seats are easy to remove
  • Storage bin between 1st row seats is a lot. I don't miss the 06 storage bins
  • Armrests in the 2nd row
  • Existence of Bluetooth and a backup camera :)
  • LCD display near speedometer with gas mileage and trip info
  • Standard safety features like lane departure, auto-braking and dynamic cruise-control
  • Fuel door release is in a better location
Worse in the 2018 LE:

  • Minor vibration when idling. 12 year-old 06 was ultra-quiet
  • 8th seat is good only for kids. The 06 had a really good, almost full size 8th seat
  • 2nd row seat rails are an eye-sore and difficult to find custom mats. I bought Lloyds Northbridge which work well
  • Interior dash materials aren't as good as the 06 which was often compared to a Lexus interior
  • Too many steering wheel controls. Still not used to their layout
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