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What is the simplest/best headlamps (low beam) modification for Toyota Sienna gen-2 to meet the EU regulations?

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Hi, everyone and welcome from Poland!

I have a Toyota Sienna gen-2 from 2009 (Canadian version).
The headlamps don't have a clear cut-off line above the horizontal line, which needs to be changed before the registration.
I know some other owners were installing some headlight lenses, but at the same time, I can see other vehicles already registered without any obvious modifications.
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I know (I checked that) the standard/my gen-2 Toyota Sienna headlamp (low beam) has a symmetric mirror and provides the same amount of light above and below the horizontal line. Is there a chance to swap the original bulb (9006 - B2) for another one with the covered below part to cut unwanted light? My idea is to try to get this:
Parallel Font Circle Auto part Drawing

  1. Is anyone with this solution? What bulbs are you using? Do you have some additional adapters, etc.?
  2. What other bulbs have the same collar, like 9006 - B2?
  3. Is there some other (better) solution to solve my problem and meet the EU regulations?
P.S. Sienna is amazing! The best car I have ever driven :)
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Welcome, and interesting problem!

Member @Geezer1 once discussed a Sienna importer in Germany (?) who did the required modifications (sorry, trying to do this from memory). Is this a universal EU requirement, or specific to Poland?

Your idea seems sound, but other than the dual filament H4 I don't know of any other bulbs that contain an internal shield. They are so different from a 9006 that I don't know how you'd get the basic pattern to align. Perhaps an upper shield affixed to the outside of the 9006 glass envelop or fitted to the inside of the Sienna headlamp stationary above the bulb? But how would any of these modifications be viewed by the vehicle inspector? How rigidly to they test?
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