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Wheel / Rim specs for 2022 XSE AWD 18"

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Hi. Canada here. I'm having trouble finding a set of black alloy rims for this van here. 2022 AWD XSE 18"
The plastic silver factory ones are fine for winter but i want to get a sharp looking set of black rims to match the Red Paint for the summer.

But I want to get close to factory specs and most rim shops don't have info for 2021 or 2022 Sienna. they don't even have info for Highlander Hybrids.

iI this info right?

I'm assuming 60.1 HUB and 5X114.3 Bolt and M12x1.5
18 x 7.5?
What's the offset?
What's the weight needed to hold per rim? (this van is heavy and carries 3 kids, two adults and two fat dogs and lots of luggage and bikes and coolers and roof bags)

I'm mounting the factory Summer tires back on Bridgestone Turanza 235R60 18
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Link below has most everything you need. ( Btw, 17inch rims with matching tire sizes should work too. I see several people here with 17inch snow tires. However, it looks like you are looking for summer replacements.)

Offset is +40.

Check the the door jamb sticker for weight. Ours lists weight for rear axle at 3405LBs. I suppose that half of it would be per rim. I forgot the front one. I believe weights are mentioned in a couple of threads here.

I have noticed several people go with 18x8 rims. I have wondered how it affects the tires, but it looks like it is not an issue. I suppose it would just be tiny bit less tall with the tire starched half an inch more.
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