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will these wheels fit? michelin ltx ms 245 65 r17

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As the title says. Need to know asap! my stock michelins are shot at 30k miles. would prefer to run truck tires due to them possibly lasting longer. again, looking at 245 65 r17. stock tires are 235 65 r17 michelin primacy tires. Thanks!
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Soooo... I bit the bullet and bought em. They fit great! truck does not ride noticeably different, and the price is roughly the same as the primacy tires I replaced. Im seriously pumped about the new tires... they have a 70k tread warranty... on light trucks. If I can get 60k miles, I will be thrilled. The Primacy tires were at the wear bars at 30k miles.
235/65/r17 is stock size. I wanted to run a light truck tire instead of a car tire. I upsized to 245/65/r17 in the michelin ltx ms. hoping to get double the milage on them.
I have no rubbing issues. My problem is that I run the minivan heavy. 3 kids, a dog, a car top carrier, and sometimes a bike rack. For that reason, I'm hard on tires. thus, I bought the light truck tires.
I actually really liked my michelin primacy tires, but 30k miles is unacceptable. we are averaging 20k miles a year which means I'm buying tires every 16 months. hopefully ill be able to get 60k miles on these. we will see how they wear.
pics of the tires


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I can also confirm that 245/65R17 do fit, Just barely. My comments are: 1) a bit more noise, 2) more body roll. 3) Speedo is off by ~5% reading low. Need to get some miles on it to check MPG
Im seeing a bit of a stiffer ride, more body roll, and a bit of a drop in mileage. Im willing to put up with the tradeoffs if I can get 60-80k miles on a set of tires.
I had the guy check it and he said there was plenty of clearance.
these tires fit. buy the michelin, they are an excellent tire with tons of siping.
update: Tires have 5k miles on them, and are wearing like iron. no visible wear or uneven wear. very happy with these tires.
im buddies with the owner and he was fine with it.
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