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will these wheels fit? michelin ltx ms 245 65 r17

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As the title says. Need to know asap! my stock michelins are shot at 30k miles. would prefer to run truck tires due to them possibly lasting longer. again, looking at 245 65 r17. stock tires are 235 65 r17 michelin primacy tires. Thanks!
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I can also confirm that 245/65R17 do fit, Just barely. My comments are: 1) a bit more noise, 2) more body roll. 3) Speedo is off by ~5% reading low. Need to get some miles on it to check MPG
Hey Hendeerd. I am looking for tires for my 2006 AWD Sienna. I want something taller and likely a light truck and/or all terrain tire.

You have mounted 245/65R17 with no problems/rubbing?
This is great.

Do you Have pics? Which wheels do you have? Offset?

According to a 245/65/R17 would be a 29.5" tire? This works?

Any info would be much appreciated as I really need some new tires, and would love something beefy and with off-road traction.

Also, if anyone knows of where to get a great deal on Light Truck and/or A/T tires I would love to know about it.

So far I like Geolandar AT-S'.

I am also considering swapping out my 17" rims for a 16" and purchasing a set of 5 wheels/tires so that I have a proper spare.

Input appreciated!

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1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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