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will these wheels fit? michelin ltx ms 245 65 r17

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As the title says. Need to know asap! my stock michelins are shot at 30k miles. would prefer to run truck tires due to them possibly lasting longer. again, looking at 245 65 r17. stock tires are 235 65 r17 michelin primacy tires. Thanks!
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I can also confirm that 245/65R17 do fit, Just barely. My comments are: 1) a bit more noise, 2) more body roll. 3) Speedo is off by ~5% reading low. Need to get some miles on it to check MPG
Vehicle: 04 XLE AWD 210k miles. OK just did a check on indicated mileage all indicated via factory MPG guess-o-meter. Before with 225/60R17 Michelin defender half worn at 24k: 25mpg to 22.5 highway at 60. Wife driving city 18 before to 16.5 after (her driving style quite aggressive).
So a considerable hit. But now keep in mind that now speedo is reading about 8% higher than before. So add 8% to after numbers get 24.3 and 17.8. Still a drop but not as bad. These tires spec out 12/32" tread new my old had 5/32". So i would expect more rolling resistance. Old tires at 40PSI new at 32PSI.

Now we just got a good snow here in Colorado and these tires are boss. The old tires were barely acceptable. With these tires you have to be really aggressive to have ABS kick in. Still a little push in the turns with no throttle (under-steer). Goes to beautiful over-steer with throttle application (drift). oh-yea this thing can drift. Will find a parking lot and shoot some video tomorrow.
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1 - 2 of 33 Posts
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