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windshield washer nozzle broken AGAIN!!

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Check the picture
Somehow the piece inside the nozzle was gone and the water didn't have enough pressure to reach the windshield.

This is the second time I have seen on my van.
The 1st time happened on the passanger side. Now, is the driver side. $14.00 for the part last time. Will see how much it cost this time :(

compare the 2 pic to see the missing part


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tbalon said:
What year is your van? Is it exposed to freezing temps? Are you using the right washer fluid? i.e. -20F or better?
this is from my 04 LE AWD
We are in Seattle so it isn't that cold in the winter.
I just use the "regular" washer fluid (the blue one) which I picked up from the store.
topspy said:
Wow....I'm sure it happens, but I've never seen or heard of that before. I know sometimes the hoses get disconnected/pop-off under the hood, or develop a hole/leak somewhere along the routing, but I've never seen where the nozzle simply "disappears". ??? ??? ???

Are the hoses still connected?
Can you determine.....Did the nozzle pop OUT from the holder, or cave IN to the hole?

Mysteries of the universe.... :eek: :eek: :-\ ???
Never have issue with the hose connection under the hood because I can still get the water out from that nozzle
Just the front part is gone.

I am not sure why. Too hot? Too cold?

Oh, no, my van is a Lemon!!! ;D
took my car for oil change yesterday and asked for the cost of the nozzle, $21.99 + TAX !!
that's expensive!
Just have the driver side replaced part + labor = $38.00 What the X.

This is the second time on my van. Last time on the right side, this time on the left. Hope don't need to deal with this anymore. The part is about $23 if I remembered correctly. Just don't have the time to replace it myself.
i thought about doing it myself as well but I decided not to because of the same reason. Not sure part is right, how to install...

I have both replaced, just hope it will last :)
1 - 6 of 29 Posts
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