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Windshield wipers for 2019

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Hey, I need to replace my wipers for our 2019 Sienna. What are the best ones? Should I just get OEM when we go get our service done, or are there better ones?
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Where are you located, roughly? I've never liked any OEM wipers for winter use. The beam style flex wipers generally work pretty good for me in the winter time. You can flex to crack off built-up ice before driving, and there's no joints to freeze up. Seems like a lot of OEM wipers are hybrid beam style. These still have joints that freeze up. So my preference is the full beam style, typically TRICO Flex, and I've used TRICO Chill for winter. But Flex works fine too. I don't know what the OEM style wipers are.
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If you don't live were winters are a major concern like here in Wisconsin or further north, whatever wiper should work decently. Benefit of OEM is they often have replaceable wipers without doing the frame, the prices for TRICO Flex or TRICO Chill on Rockauto (not local) the OEM inserts are probably more expensive than brand new TRICO wipers.
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