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Wiper blades

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I apologize if this has been brought up before, but I tried to search to see and couldn't find anything. I have a 2011 Sienna and I'm trying to replace the windshield wipers, but not having any luck. I purchased the Michelin Stealth wiper blades as I figured they would be good for the coming snow. However, I'm not able to get them to connect to either the front arms or the rear wiper arms. I really don't want to have to buy blades from the dealership as I'm sure they are a lot more. Plus, the location of the dealership isn't very convenient. Anyone have any insight or ideas/recommendations?
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Check autoanything or tirerack...input your vehicle info and they will show you what fits. Shop around the results at Amazon, ebay, etc. You can also input your auto details over at Amazon as well. Blade inserts from the dealer are relatively inexpensive.
You can actually buy Wiper Blade refills directly from Toyota dealerships for the 2011 Sienna. Some dealers may claim that they don't have them for the 2011 Sienna and only have the full blade, but that's not true. I was able to buy refills 2 weeks ago and they were around $15US total for both blade refills.
did the same in Canada, wasn't a big deal, easy install, approx. $20 for a pair
Anyone know how to change the rear wipers on a 2006 Sienna? I'm going to putting on a 16" rainx weatherbeater. Fronts were easy. Just can't figure out how to raise the blade off the rear window.

Nevermind...I figured it out. You don't need to raise the blade. There's a little tab on the wiper blade near the hook. Pull the tab in and you can slide off the wiper blade by moving it toward the base of the arm. Be careful though, as after you slide the blade off, the hook can crash into the window and possibly crack it.
I think it's a good idea to shop from online stores or selling websites such as Amazon, if they are available to your location. And many aftermarket windshield wipers are of good quality and come with an easy installation system so you won't have too much difficulty in installing. And as for me, I think Michelin Stealth, Bosch ICON, Rain-X, etc., are the best wiper blades for most car windshields. They often cover almost all sizes so you can easily get the right items for your car glass.
Personally, I've found that the OEM blades are the best. Don't rub or streak and the original pair lasted a good 3 years, and we need them here in Seattle where it rains regularly for almost 9 months a year. I switched to Bosch after the first pair started to show its age but I will go back to the OEM ones once the Bosch ones are through. Hopefully the new OEM ones work as well as the original OEM pair.

For the rear wiper, my original OEM was terrible, rubbing a lot from the beginning and now the Bosch that I have there works well and doesn't rub so I'll probably leave it. Only issue is that it doesn't quite cover the bottom edge of the wipe arc but not too big of a deal.
I go thru a lot of wiper blades.. I don't know why.. but so far the Rain-X Latitude from Target is horrible, tried two pairs. Bosch Icon are even worse. The OEM ones were good but started to go within a year. I am currently using PIAA super silicone wiper blades from amazon.. best blades I've installed. A bit on the expensive side but I think its worth it.
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