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Ya gotta moth ball

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I live in a rural area and during the summer I park my XLE outside by my front porch, after a few days of not using it, I started it up and when I put it in drive the engine started to skip and idle very rough. It was so bad I shout it off and called my good old boy local garage guy.

He said to take the motor cover/soundproofing off and let him know how it looked, I found a two pound mouse nest tucked into the left top side of the engine, the mice pulled the soundproofing off from under the cover and made a nest from it, mixing it with dried grass, they also eat the spark plug wire cover from three plugs causing two wires to be eaten through.

The mechanic had to redo the wiring of the three plugs and told me to hang old soaks with moth balls on both sides of the engine compartment, which was done, since then no problems.

I found out wiring coverages made in the USA is an crude oil base and most wiring made outside of the USA is from soy oil and its eatable. Lesson learned look under the engine cover and dust it off. I now have moth balls hanging in my van, mower, generator and outside gas storage box, plus under and around all porch and patio things, I might smell like old grannies cloth closet, but I’m mice free now. Be careful using them around house pets.

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I use about 10 mothballs in a stocking hanging in front of the battery on Mom's 2006 , honestly it does work, but it freaking stinks when you drive, worse if turn off recirculation for A/C ..... I had knock sensor rat damage awhile ago and started to use mothballs... Well I forgot to recharge mothballs last month as they do go away and rat damage again ... I am looking into doing this... Loraffe-Repellent-Ultrasonic-Deterrent 12 volt , will see if it is snake oil or it works......

I started with 40 mothballs, lol I about killed all of us first drive.... I whittled down the numbers and about 10 works.... Mothballs are toxic , if your vehicle is stored and not drivin much, mothballs are great... If you drive it everyday look for something else to use....

Come to find out Squirrels along with the Rats and Mice we have in Florida eat stuff in cars, never crossed my mind about squirrels, until I caught one under the hood of the van and one eating the rubber fuel line on the wife's Trooper .... I blame the neighbor feeding all the freaking squirrels peanuts in the shell everyday 10 feet from the van.... :rolleyes:
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